Teaching Material from past sub-saharan courses

September 10, 2021

Raj Kalaria - Dementias
Njideka Okubadejo - Parkinson’s disease is more than motor dysfunction
Foad Abd-Allah - Ischemic Stroke including post-stroke care 
Peter Ssenyonga - Pseudo-dementia in chronic subdural hematoma and chronic hydrocephalus - a case for neurosurgery
Mayowa Ojo Owolabi - Stroke Neurorehabilitation
Lawrence Tucker - First Seizure
Richard Idro - What to do for a first seizure and for epilepsy in a child
Paul Boon - Symptomatic epilepsies
Augustina Charway Felli - Status epilepticus
Fidèle Sebera - Epilepsy surgery: what can be done in SSA – a neurologist’s perspective

September 11, 2021

Amina Nasri - Neuro radiology in neurodegenerative diseases, dementia and movement disorders
Osheik Seidi - In auto-immune & post infectious diseases of the CNS
Alfred Njamnshi - In first ever seizure and epilepsy
Marianne de Visser - NMO spectrum disorder versus Multiple sclerosis: clinical and diagnostic aspects
William Carroll - Treatment of demyelinating diseases in under-resourced countries
Eoin Flanagan - The Expanding Spectrum of Autoimmune Encephalitis
Marieke Dekker - Infectious and para-infectious (poly-)radiculoneuritis
David Garcia Azorin - Neuro-COVID: an infectious andnon-infectious nervous system disease

Wednesday, 24 Oktober 2018

Dr A. Charway Felli (Ghana) - Epidemiology and definitions of epilepsy

Prof. E. Schmutzhard (Austria) - Status Epilepticus: state of the art in diagnostic and therapeutic management

Prof. A. Gallo Diop ( Senegal) - Understanding epilepsy: from neuron to the management 


Thursday, 25 October 2018

Prof. Jonathan Carr (South Africa) - Movement disorders and neurodegenerative diseases: State of the art in diagnostic and therapeutic management 

Prof. Andres Deik (United States) - Movement disorders and CNS infection/inflammation

Prof. Njideka Okubadejo (Nigeria) -  Neurodegenerative diseases in SSA: differences and specifics


Friday, 26 October 2018

 Prof. Yomi Ogun (Nigeria) - Definition, epidemiology and modern emergency management of Ischemic Stroke - Part 1 & Part 2

Prof. Thorsten Steiner (Germany) - Definition, epidemiology and modern emergency management of hemorrhagic stroke, aSAH and ICH - Part 1Part 2 and Part 3

Prof. Raj Kalaria (United Kingdom/Kenya) - Cognitive impairment after stroke, vascular dementia


Saturday, 27 October 2018

Prof. Julien Razafimahefa (Madagascar) - Epidemiology and definitions of infectious and auto-immune CNS-diseases

Prof. Bernard Hemmer  (Germany) - Guidelines on the diagnostic management and pharmacological treatment of people with MS

Prof. Erich Schmutzhard (Austria) - Infectious diseases causing seizures and/or epilepsy

Prof. Riadh Gouider (Tunisia) - Infectious diseases causing cerebral ischemia and hemorrhage 

Prod. Claudia Sommer (Germany) - Infectious and auto-immune radiculoneuritides


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Thursday, 10 November 2016

Akinyemi Rufus (Nigeria) - Global Epidemiology of Stroke with specific reference to SSA
Ferro Jose (Portugal) - Diagnostic and therapeutic management of stroke in Sub-Saharan Africa
Damasceno Albertino (Mozambique) - Cardiogenic stroke
Kalaria Raj (UK) - Post-Stroke cognitive neurology in the Sub-Saharan African context
Napon Christian - Post-stroke depression in the Africans

Friday, 11 November 2016

Daude Amina (Mozambique) - Epidemiology of epilepsy in SSA
Gouider Riadh (Tunisia) - Not received
Wilmshurst Jo (South Africa) - The current state of epilepsy guidelines – what is applicable in SSA
Charway Felli Augustina (Ghana) - Treatment gap and possible therapies of epilepsy in SSA
Newton Charles (Kenya) - Convulsive status epilepticus in Africans
Schmutzhard Erich (Austria) - Neurocysticerosis and epilepsy in SSA

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Newton Charles (Kenya) - Recent epidemiology and epidemiological trends of HIV in SSA
Wilmshurst Jo (South Africa) - HIV encephalopathy and other neurological complications in children with AIDS
Clifford David (USA) - Opportunistic infections of the CNS in African HIV patients
Cock Hannah (UK) - HIV, new-onset seizure and epilepsy
Marais Suzaan (South Africa) - IRIS and the nervous system
Cock Hannah (UK) - E-Brain - news, application and applicability​​​​​​​


Download the programme here​​​​​​​.