Who We Are

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster and support the development of neurological excellence in Europe and across the world, leading to better patient care and outcomes. We aim to promote quality in neurology and bring together Europe’s best clinicians, educators and scientists in the field to achieve our mission.

How we began

The European Academy of Neurology (EAN) was founded in 2014 when the two main European neurological societies, the European Neurological Society (ENS) and European Federation of Neurological Societies (EFNS), agreed to join forces and merge into a single organisation. EAN was officially founded at the joint meeting of the ENS and EFNS in Istanbul in June 2014, creating Europe’s Home of Neurology.

What we do

As Europe’s Home of Neurology, we bring together national neurological societiesindividual neurologists and related scientists to speak with one united voice.  We campaign at the European level to ensure continued resources for research into neurological disorders and diseases, while working closely with patient organisations to ensure the interests and perspectives of patients are embedded in everything we do.

We provide practical and useful resources for all members, which help them improve their skills and knowledge, as well as their careers. This includes online educational resources, schools, and courses with further support in the form of fellowships and grants. We nurture and guide the next generation of European neurologist.

Ensuring excellence in neurology requires continuous learning throughout the careers of all neurologists in Europe. To facilitate this, we organise the annual EAN Congress which attracts more than 6,000 delegates each year to share research results and exchange current best practices.  We also provide our members with access to our peer-reviewed scientific publication, the European Journal of Neurology, together with regular news and updates via our EANpages website and email newsletters.

Our members help us achieve our mission by supporting our work and contributing to our events and initiatives. In line with our mission to promote excellence in neurology, we are committed to constantly enhancing our member services and resources in future, while reaching out to more and more neurologists across Europe and beyond to welcome them into the Home of Neurology.


Who we are

EAN is a non-profit, independent organisation representing more than 45,000 members, as well as 47 European national societies. As a medical society we promote excellence in the practice of general neurology throughout Europe, leading to improved patient care. We also aim to keep Europe at the forefront of neurological research and maintain its position as one of the world’s scientific hotspots in neurology.

Our officers and leadership are renowned experts in neurology, who volunteer their time to help strengthen our organisation and serve researchers, clinicians and patients within the field of neurology.

*according to WHO definition of Europe