Student Member

Student Member

Start building your professional network now

EAN welcomes the next generation of neurologists to our growing international community. 
You - today’s students - will be tomorrow’s experts. Which is why it’s so crucial to promote global networking and an international mindset now to drive excellence in neurology in the future.  

If you are not a member yet, we would be delighted to welcome you as a Student Member, it is completely free of charge! 

"Being a student member of the EAN has enabled me to expand on my knowledge of neurology, take an active step towards my aspired career, and connect with peers who will soon be my colleagues."
Stella GoeschlEAN Student Member


  • Undergraduate medical students (Bachelor and Master, or equivalent), 
  • Undergraduate students in field related to neuroscience or clinical neurology (e.g. neuroscience, pharmacology, nursing, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, psychiatry, psychology), 

regardless of their residency. 

If you already have your MD or are a PhD student, please apply for Resident and Research Membership instead. 

    Membership benefits

    • Full access to eanCampus  
    • Reduced on-site Congress registration  
    • Virtual Congress free of charge 
    • Student Teaser Fellowship 
    • Participate in EAN Scientific Panels (observer position) 
    • Access to webcasts 
    • Members’ activities at the congress 
    • Student Task Force activities 
    • Publish articles on eanPages 
    • Apply for Congress bursaries 


    Please, fill out membership application form within your MyEAN account, under “Membership” – area.
    To finalise your application, you need to provide your CV, a motivation letter (clarifying your reasons for applying) and a confirmation of ongoing enrolment. All documents must be submitted in English language. 
    The application approval process might take up to 10 working days! 

    Membership Fee

    Student Members

    • Student membership is free of charge