Participate in the Brain Health Mission

Who can join the BHM?

Everyone can become a part of our mission.

The aim of the Brain Health Mission is to involve everyone interested in supporting and contributing to the initiative. Brain health is a uniting force that cannot be tackled alone. Together we can help everyone to increase their brain capacities, and lead a healthier and happier life.

The EAN is inviting:

  • International associations
  • European associations
  • Specialty societies
  • Sub-specialty partner societies
  • Companies

There are 4 different ways you can participate and contribute

Strategic PartnerNon-commercial organisations representing medical & scientific fields related to the brain are welcome to join the Brain Health Mission. Additionally, organisations within medical/scientific fields outside neurology are invited to become a partner. This can include international or regional medical/scientific associations as well as universities, research institutes, foundations or charitable organisations.
Supporting PartnerCompanies are welcome to support the efforts of the Brain Health Mission by providing input, co-creating content and supporting through a major annual funding to allow the BHM’s activities to take place.
SupporterCompanies or individuals can contribute by funding and suggesting new projects and activities beneficial to the Brain Health Mission. 
ContributorIndividuals and smaller entities contributing to the Brain Health Mission by organising activities related to brain health.


How can your organisation contribute?

The Brain Health Mission depends on the support and contributions of its partners. Proposals for meaningful and impactful activities can be shared with the Brain Health Mission partners. Working together, our mission is to raise awareness and bring great leaps in knowledge, through which we will implement new ideas and treatments. As a partner you can be at the forefront of this development. Your name will be associated with this ground-breaking development, a mission that will steadily grow so that the changes within a decade will be noticeable throughout all countries and populations.

What Partners Give to BHM

  • Co-create annual work plans and strategies
  • Suggest and develop new ideas and projects to support the mission
  • Provide expertise and insight related to their scientific field to Brain Health Mission
  • Disseminate and communicate the Brain Health Mission message to their networks

What BHM Gives to Partners

  • Visibility – your logo will be on the Brain Health Mission website and print material
  • Place within Brain Health Mission events. e.g. the twice yearly European Brain Health Summits
  • Communication Toolkit, with images and social media content
  • An opportunity to shape the course of brain health across the world
  • Brain Health Mission logo – for non-commercial use.

Brain Health Mission on tour

We help you take care of your brain!

You teach in a classroom? You are the organizer of a health care event? You are the head of a community organization? Whatever motivates you, we are here to support your brain health. Together we organize an event where we provide information about brain health and the Brain Health Mission. Together with a scientist we explain and answer any question that may arise.

Let us know if you want us to help you take care of your brain: BrainHealthMission(at)

Strategic Partners

Supporting Partner