EAN Honorary Members

The European Academy of Neurology is proud to award outstanding members of the international community for their lifetime achievments and service to World and European Neurology. The award is handed over during the opening session at the EAN annual congress. Recipients are granted the Title of "Fellow of the EAN" which comes with several benefits. Additionally, Honorary members receive lifetime membership of EAN and free registration to the EAN congresses.

Claudio Bassetti, FEAN
Bern, Switzerland

Jacques De Reuck, FEAN
Ghent, Belgium

José Ferro, FEAN
Lisbon, Portugal

Detlef Kömpf, FEAN
Lübeck, Germany

Gustave Moonen, FEAN
Liège, Belgium

Gunhild Waldemar, FEAN
Copenhagen, Denmark

Marie-Germaine Bousser, FEAN
Paris, France

Raad Shakir, FEAN
London, UK

Alastair David S. Compston, FEAN
Cambridge, UK

Mark Hallett, FEAN
Bethesda MD, USA

Charles Warlow, FEAN
Edinburgh, UK

Günther Deuschl, FEAN
Kiel, Germany

Philip Scheltens, FEAN
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Franz Fazekas, FEAN
Graz, Austria