Congress Videos

7th EAN Congress as Virtual Congress 2021

EAN President Claudio Bassetti invites you to 2021 Congress

EAN 2021 is coming home to you

EAN 2021 Opening Session

6th EAN Congress as Virtual Congress 2020

EAN Congress 2020 Opening Video

EAN President Interview

EAN 2020 Virtual Congress Preview

Future of EAN Congresses and reflection EAN2020 Virtual Congress

EAN 2020 Time for action. Predict. Prevent. Repair

5th EAN Congress Oslo 2019

EAN Oslo 2019 Opening

EAN 2019: Charles Edouard Brown-Séquard Lecture - Interview with Prof. Ulrich Dirnagl

EAN 2019: The Brain Prize Lecture - Interview with Prof. Bart de Strooper

4th EAN Congress Lisbon 2018

EAN Lisbon impressions

Voices of Lisbon - Marianne de Visser interviews Hartmut Wekerle

EAN Lisbon 2018 - Presidents Round Table

Voices of Lisbon - Hannah Cock interviews Jes Olesen

Voices of Lisbon - Franz Fazekas interviews Philip Scheltens

3th EAN Congress Amsterdam 2017

EAN2017 - Welcome to Amsterdam 2017

EAN2017 Interview - Overarching Theme: Outcome measures