How to apply for EAN endorsement of meetings

As a means of supporting and encouraging quality continuing medical education (CME) for neurologists, the European Academy of Neurology has developed a system for publicly recognising CME that meets basic standards of quality. In this way institutions and organisations will strive to achieve or maintain standards of quality programming based on commonly accepted principles of continuing adult education. Moreover, neurologists will be able to note in advance those CME programmes that have successfully passed through the quality control process of the EAN.

EAN believes that it should promote quality CME on an intra-European basis. A quality programme developed in one European country may well be of benefit to physicians in other parts of Europe. European neurologists should be encouraged to participate in quality CME that meets their individual educational needs no matter where it takes place. EAN approval facilitates this greater educational co-operation and sharing of resources throughout Europe.

EAN is willing to consider for CME approval live group programmes such as meetings, conferences, workshops and symposia. Such educational events organised by independent organisers represent the main focus of EAN support.

EAN will review also other CME formats such as videos, computer-assisted instruction, internet education, home study courses or printed materials.
Medical institutions and organisations involved in medical education, medical service, and professional associations may submit their CME programmes for review and approval. These organisations must have the respect of the local medical community for their integrity and commitment to quality education or service. The programme should have the recommendation of the national neurological society. If not included in the application, EAN reserves the right to ask the national neurological society concerned for a letter of recommendation. The official language of the programme to be submitted for review to EAN must be English.

EAN is willing to also approve high quality educational events organised by industry related institutions if they fulfil strict criteria and have open access. These institutions have to be funded by non-restricted educational grants; within the co-sponsored event there should be no product promoting activities. In addition to the usual application for EAN CME approval, a disclosure of financing of the industry related institution is required in form of a declaration of independence from the industry, obtained along with bylaws of the institution which performs the CME event. The bylaws or the status of the organisation must be delivered in English. If it is an official bylaw, the translation into English must be legally confirmed. Additionally it is mandatory that the organisation of these industry sponsored CME events is organised by an independent scientific person/committee. A declaration of of independence – financial dependence of the said person(s) from industry with a complete financial disclosure is mandatory and needs to be added to the application. Granting CME approval to such education events will allow the organisers to add to their programmes a specially formulated co-sponsorship declaration, which is different from the declaration for events organised by independent organisers.
A checklist for industry sponsored events containing the above mentioned details will be available for applicants.

Approval by EAN means that in the best judgement of EAN the CME programme satisfactorily meets its standards of quality programming and administration.

EAN approval pertains only to the educational programme that is under the direct responsibility of the institution or organisation. Approval does not extend to industry-presented education (frequently called "satellite" programmes).

EAN retains the right to make the final decision as to whether a programme meets EAN standards.

With EAN endorsement, the EAN logo and statement "This meeting is endorsed by EAN" may be used. We furthermore offer to inform about EAN endorsed meetings in a separate article in our Newsblog EAN pages.  

There is no charge for an EAN endorsement but we will ask for the congress evaluation results after the meeting has taken place.   

Kindly note that the official organisation for European CME accreditation - providing CME credits - is EACCME (European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education. If you wish to receive EACCME accreditation, please follow this link.

About EAN endorsement by Sten Fredrikson
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 About EAN endorsement by Sten Fredrikson

Application procedure

Completed form and all required documents must be sent to quality(at)

The review process may take up to 4 weeks, if all requested documents have been provided.