Brain Health Strategy

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Brain Health

Why is Brain Health important?

Good Brain Health is vital to reducing the large and growing healthcare burden associated with neurological disorders. This strategy recognises that Brain Health goes beyond the absence of disease or treatment of disorders or rehabilitation and encompasses preventive measures to decrease the incidence of neurological disorders, enabling individuals to function and cope with life situations. 

Brain Health is a state in which every individual can realize their own abilities and optimize their cognitive, emotional, psychological and behavioural functioning to cope with life situations. -'WHO'

The Burden of Neurological Disorders is High and Increasing

Neurological disorders are the leading cause of disability and second leading cause of deaths worldwide. According to the WFN, 70% of the burden falls on low- and middle-income countries. In Europe, neurological diseases are the third leading cause of disability and deaths, the main driving forces being stroke, dementia and neurodegenerative disorders, and headaches. In fact, according to WHO and confirmed by recent studies, at least 1 in 3 people of all ages will suffer from a neurological disorder in their lifetime, making this the highest figure of all non-communicable diseases.

Advocacy Talks

The EAN 2021 Annual Congress featured a new series of Advocacy Talks aiming to showcase the important role of neurology in healthcare. The talks cover a range of topics discussed by top experts in the field and were originally broadcast on EAN TV via the virtual congress platform.

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The EAN Brain Health Strategy

One brain, one life, one approach

The EAN Brain Health Strategy – ‘one brain, one life, one approach’ – aims to develop a holistic approach to brain health which benefits society not just through a decreased healthcare burden due to neurological disorders but through improved quality of life and productivity throughout an individual’s life course. The EAN’s vision is of a future in which individuals, populations, clinicians, and policymakers understand the benefits of good Brain Health and have the information and opportunities to preserve and recover Brain Health. 

Key Challenges: 

  • Enhancing our understanding of determinants of Brain Health 
  • Developing a sufficient neurology workforce 
  • Increasing research funding 
  • Moving towards a holistic biopsychosocial perspective of Brain Health 
  • Gathering evidence of benefits prevention for other neurological diseases 
  • Creating awareness and understanding of high burden of neurological diseases 


Five Pillars of EAN Brain Health Strategy: 

  • Building a Brain Health Alliance 
  • Supporting International and National/Regional Policy Making 
  • Fostering Research 
  • Promoting Education 
  • Raising Public Awareness & Understanding