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ACNR provides short review articles, specialist reviews of core papers from major journals, conference news, book reviews, short accounts of best management practice, case reports, news of awards/appointments and more.

We have been privileged to publish articles from world-renowned specialists such as Professor Alan Emery, Dr C Miller Fisher, Dr Raymond Adams, Professor Oleh Hornykiewicz, and Professor Jean Paul Vonsattel.

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New Trends in Neurosonology

This 500 paged book is based on scientific contributions to the 16th Meeting of the European Society of Neurosonology and Cerebral Hemodynamics (ESNCH) in Munich 2011. Additionally, written by international experts this book covers the current state-of the-art in the field of neurosonology. The reader will find a comprehensive overview of the latest discoveries and knowledge in neurosonographic topics and of therapeutic strategies in this field.

All 103 articles of this book can be accessed free under: 



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