EAN Campus

EAN Campus

Your source for online neurology education!

The EAN Campus is an interactive Learning Management System, with over 1000 pieces of content dedicated to Neurology and many of its sub-fields. It is open and free of charge to all EAN Members.

All 29 EAN Topics are represented on the platform. These topics are broken down further into three levels: Basic, Advanced, and Expert.

  • Basic content is suitable for students and new neurological residents
  • Advanced content is particularly good for experienced residents and general neurologists
  • Expert content is specifically tailored to specialists in specific topics.

Each topic and level boast a host of content; from recordings of congress presentations, webcasts, and virtual master classes to highly interactive case studies and lectures, to live sessions with expert speakers, there is something for everyone!

Live events held on the eanCampus are monthly webinars, virtual masterclasses (2 months per year dedicated to 4 topics each) and weekly EAN podcasts eanCast: Weekly Neurology.


Although a good portion of this content is brand new, content from the EAN Congresses in 2020 and 2021, as well as RTCs, Schools, Webinars and Virtual Master Classes have all been included on the platform after a thorough assessment by both the eLearning Editorial Board and Scientific Panels. This has ensured that only recordings of the highest quality were included on the EAN Campus. In addition to this extensive review, the Scientific Panels worked diligently alongside the eLearning Editorial Board to create new, bespoke eLearning content including Interactive Modules, Interactive Cases, and the EAN podcast “eanCast: Weekly Neurology.

Learners are invited to dive into the sea of contents and begin collecting points. Each content piece has been awarded a number of points based on the duration, or average duration, it takes to complete. By watching a webcast to the end, completing a case study, or finishing an interactive module, learners can collect points to receive a badge in their specific topic and level. Once a user has gained enough points, they are invited to take a Capstone Exam, which contains 5 randomised questions that learners should know in order to be proficient in that subtopic at that level. Users are invited to gain points by watching podcasts, completing cases, reading guidelines and more in order to increase their ranking on the global leader board. Each minute of content is worth one point.

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The Gesellschaft für Pädagogik, Information und Medien e.V (Society for pedagogic, information and media) found the eanCampus worthy of both the Comenius-EduMedia-Seal and the Comenius-EduMedia-Medal for excellence in e-Learning.

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