Clinical Fellowship

Clinical Fellowship 2023

Application for Clinical Fellowship 2023 is closed. The next application round for 2024 will open on August 01, 2023. 


The objective of the “Clinical Fellowship Programme” is to provide a well- defined clinical observational experience in a department with recognised expertise in a specific field.
With this programme, neurologists that are still in the process of training, or recently qualified and setting up a new service/practice can learn from observing the usual practice in that new department, including any or all of clinical practice, service structures or specific techniques conducted in the Hosting Department. 


The programme is designed for a minimum stay of 6 up to a maximum of 12 weeks in a Hosting Department outside the country of residence (with a minimum of frequency of 5 days/week in each weeks). 

Starting from 2021, the number of granted weeks will be increased from 210 weeks (35x 6 weeks) to 300 weeks. The granted weeks per application are based on justification for the length of the stay and the grades of the 3 separate reviewers .
The grant for the programme will be 425,-€ per week, plus travelling costs (maximum of 300 Euro of travelling costs).

Travelling costs will only be reimbursed after the end of the clinical fellowship, upon receipt of report and confirmation from both the clinical fellow and mentor at Host Department, as well as the evaluation forms.
The fellow’s final report should include a summary of activity during the fellowship and the achieved knowledge/skills.

Ideally, the grantee has knowledge of the language at the host department, as not all patient-rounds can be held in English.

To be considered for the grant, applicants should, at the time of application be:

  • RRFS members who are residents in neurology with a minimum of 2 years training in neurology or have obtained their board certificate/completed
    Full EAN members within 5 years after completion of neurology training and apply for this special programme to learn a new application or technique not available in their home  department
  • fluent in English or in the local language of the hosting country
  • have been accepted by an approved host department
  • RRFS members with a minimum of 2 years training in neurology from Corresponding Institutional Member Countries (Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Mauretania, Morocco, Nepal, Palestine, Tunisia, Syria) are welcome to apply 

Awardees from previous years are no longer qualified.

All applicants must be Full member or RRFS member from an EAN member country at time of application.

Application for RRFS membership must be started ideally 4 weeks before application deadline. 
*RRFS members are listed in the RRFS membership section, Full Members are listed here

All application documents must be submitted by the deadline via the online form. Original documents and/or fresh copies may be requested where felt necessary, so must be retained by the applicant until notified of the outcome of their application.

Application procedure

The registration link is only visible to EAN members.
Please make sure to log into your myEAN account to gain access to registration.

Application material

All application documents must be submitted via the online application.
For questions contact:

  • Application form (see link box, only visible after login from August 01 – October 31, 2023) including:
    explanation of why and how the Clinical Fellowship in that particular Host Department is relevant. Applicants are encouraged to clearly explain their objectives in the context of their usual practice, specifying the gains that are expected from the fellowship as this information will be a major factor in the rating of the applications. Information and reasoning on length of stay is needed.
    Declaration of eligibility (included in the form).
  • Acceptance by host department form, including a named supervisor who is expected to have at least weekly direct contact during the fellowship.  
  • Evidence of training/experience: confirmation of current length of training as proof of minimally 2 years of clinical experience in neurology, plus declaration of hospital where the training was/is being conducted. European Neurological Board exam certificates can also be accepted (if obtained within 3 years of application).
  • 2 letters of recommendation from two individual neurologists
  • Copy of passport/Identification Card

Applicants and hosts are expected to have consulted and worked together on any application to maximise the likelihood of success.

  • Start Early: Check program websites for deadlines and requirements for the application process. 
  • Contact the program you are interested in, find out more if you have questions related to your possible application. 
  • Think about your career goals: Why a fellowship? What kind of fellowship? How long can you be on leave from your current residency programme? What specialty are you really interested in, and want to learn more that is relevant for your future?
  • Get Informed: Consider the job market of your specialty, in your country and abroad, talk to other applicants or previous fellows, speak to your mentors (very important!), obtain input from professors. Where is the field going and where will it be when you are done training.
  • Draft a personal timeline: Create a timeline of when to submit applications and prepare for interviews with possible host departments. 
  • Check your membership status: Apply for EAN membership (RRFS or full member) if you are no member yet. 
  • Organise your application: Prepare your CV (EAN CV form), necessary certificates with all dates, necessary forms and documents (e.g. letters, see below) for the fellowship you are interested in. Use your university address rather than personal email, if possible.
  • Recommendation Letters: Obtain strong letters that are well-written and which inform the fellowship selection committee about your professional and personal skills. 
  • Keep in Contact: if you have not received a note of reception for the fellowship documents, or heard anything in the given timeframe, you may check to see if your documents have arrived, or something is missing.

Information about Host departments

Please find below an excel file of all accepted 2022-2023 Clinical Fellowship Host departments. In order to find the right department for your fellowship/project, please download the file and sort according to your needs either by topic and/or country.

EAN supports European neurologists in training in deepening their professional experience and expertise. 

The EAN Education Committee takes great care in contacting all Neurological departments situated in EAN member countries every two years, asking them to be part of this network and verify their status as approved EAN hosting department and receive updated information.

The grantee should have knowledge of the language at the host department, as not all patient-rounds can be held in English. Hosting department cannot influence the selection of grantees. Applicants and hosts are expected to have consulted and worked together on any application to maximise the likelihood of success.

EAN supports European neurologists in training in deepening their professional experience and expertise. We are looking for neurological departments who would be ready to accept a visitor for a stay of 6 – 12 weeks.
Applicants for the EAN Clinical Fellowship grant have to submit a confirmed letter of acceptance from the hosting department which is on the list of approved departments.
The term of the visit depends on your mutual agreement with the visitor, according to your and his/her possibilities.
Hosting department cannot influence the selection of grantees. If you decide to accept clinical fellowship applicants and that your department should be included in the list of our approved hosting departments, please send us your Department access form to: fellowship(at)

Identification of the responsible Person for the department is obligatory, as well as identification of the mentors (by field) of training offered.


If your department is not on the list of approved departments, and you wish to participate in the 2023/24 Cinical Fellowship Programme, please send your department access form until September 15, 2022. All forms that are received after this date cannot be considered for the 2023 reviewing process.

EAN has awarded 29 Clinical Fellowships for 2023, amounting to 300 weeks in total. 

Additional fellowships have been made available to RRFS members from Ukraine.

List of winners  2023


The application link is only visible to EAN members from August 01 to October 31, 2023. Please make sure to log into your myEAN account to gain access to registration.