“A mentor is a more experienced individual willing to share knowledge with someone
less experienced in a relationship of mutual trust"

– David Clutterbuck –


Following a preliminary suggestion in 2017, the European Resident and Research Fellow Section of the EAN (RRFS) carried out a survey among members that encouraged the EAN to develop a mentorship programme. Aspiring and junior neurologists face many different challenges, particularly in the earlier stages of their clinical or scientific careers.

The EAN mentorship programme is dedicated to helping neurologists in Europe to successfully manage these challenges by facilitating the transition of knowledge and experience across generations of neurologists. This will contribute to the development of neurological excellence and eventually improve patient care.

The EAN mentorship programme enables early-career neurologists to connect with Europe’s best clinicians, educators, and scientists in the field and vice versa. It empowers neurologists in training or at the start of their clinical/academic careers, i.e., mentees, to determine or strengthen their focus and develop their full potential. Simultaneously, it allows mentors to reflect upon and strengthen their mentoring skills, as well as make a valuable contribution toward bringing neurology forward.


We offer a mentorship programme  because:

  • Supporting our young members is a fundamental value of EAN
  • Having an expert advising on your career and its transitions is incredibly helpful
  • We want to strengthen the professional relationship between different generations of neurologists
  • We want to enable senior neurologists to pass on their knowledge to young neurologists
  • We want to offer established neurologists a career boost by providing an opportunity to enhance their teaching, guidance, and leadership skills
  • We want to strengthen neurology in Europe



Application to the mentorship programme:

The matching deadline is 15 September.

Please check the eligibility criteria for mentors and mentees first. In case of any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.
If you qualify, we will be happy to guide you through the application process for mentors or mentees.
Application is possible throughout the entire year, but the matching of mentees and mentors takes place every year after September 15.


How the mentorship programme works:

Participation in the one-year mentorship programme requires both a successful application and a successful match. Successful matching mostly depends on the ratio of available mentors to mentees.
Areas of mentoring include, but are not limited to: skills development, career advice, developing clinical and research interests, advice on designing a successful research project, publishing research, and establishing work-life balance.
The successfully matched mentor-mentee pairs are contacted in October/November, and subsequently published in EANpages. Agreement between mentor and mentee on participation officially marks the beginning of the one-year programme duration.
To begin with, the mentor and mentee mutually define their roadmap for the coming year. In return, EAN requests assessment at three and twelve months and a final report from both mentor and mentee for publication.


As a mentor, you will help to guide and strengthen the next generation of neurologists, thus helping to ensure that research and clinical neurology will develop.

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As a mentee in this programme, you have the chance to interact with an experienced professional in the field of neurology and ask for advice on specific projects or personal development.

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