Brain Health Summit 2024

From managing neurological disorders to promoting Brain Health in Europe

7 May 2024

The European Brain Health Summit 2024 focuses on the holistic approach to brain health, addressing the management of neurological disorders, preventive strategies, and public awareness. The theme interlinks various discussions from understanding the high burden of neurological diseases in Europe, advocating for more research, to implementing proactive health measures. The programme will also cover the importance of mental health, as well as climate change impacts and gender, diversity, and inclusion issues.

We are pleased to announce the presence of Her Majesty the Queen of the Belgians at this year’s Summit.

The event will highlight how collaboration among healthcare professionals, policymakers, and academics to improve brain health outcomes.

While in-person attendance is by invitation, a global audience can engage through a live stream available on social media and, facilitating widespread participation and discussion.


Moderator:  Jacqui Thornton

8:00Registration and Welcome Breakfast   

Networking opportunity with light breakfast

9:00Opening Session 

Opening movie & opening words  
Jacqui Thornton, Moderator 

Welcome address  
Paul Boon, President European Academy of Neurology 

A parent’s personal story  
Gudrun Schumacher, Swiss Dravet Syndrome Association

9:30Keynote Talk  

Johan Van Overtveldt MEP (ECR)

9:50Brain Health: From Diagnosing and Treating Neurological Disease and Brain Research to Prevention and Promoting Brain Health  

The burden of neurological disease in Europe, why is it so high? 
Claudio Bassetti, Past-President European Academy of Neurology 

The European Strategic Research Agenda 2024, why do we need more neurological research in Europe? 
Elena Moro, President-Elect European Academy of Neurology

Brain Health and The Brain Health Mission, a roadmap to improved brain health in Europe
Paul Boon, President European Academy of Neurology 

10:40Networking, Coffee and Tea 
11:30Presidential Panel Discussion:  Global Neurology & Brain Health  

Paul Boon, President European Academy of Neurology 

Carlayne Jackson, President American Academy of Neurology

Wolfgang Grisold, President World Federation of Neurology

12:30Lunch break
13:30Brain Health, Mental Health & Society

Mental health and brain health, 2 sides of a coin 
Peter Falkai, Past- President European Psychiatric Association 

How climate change impacts brain (neurological) health
Jacques Reis, Vice - Chair Environmental Neurology Specialty Group, WFN

How gender, diversity and inclusion impact brain health 
Marianne De Visser, Gender, Diversity and Equity Task Force European Academy of Neurology

Economic Costs of Neurological Disorders and the potential benefits of promoting brain health 
Thomas Berger, Chair Scientific Committee European Academy of Neurology


15:00Voices of Resilience: Patient Perspectives on Brain Health 

Kevin Quaid, Lewy Body Ireland

Francesca Sofia, International Bureau for Epilepsy


15:30Coffee Break 
15:45Brain Health Policy Panel: Putting Brain Health at the Centre

Tarun Dua, The WHO iGAP & the importance of action at national level

Fred Destrebecq, European Brain Council

Claudio Bassetti, The Swiss Brain Plan

Mika Pyykkö,  Finnish Brain Plan

Matilde Leonardi, Italian Brain Plan

16:45Closing Remarks and Future Directions

Paul Boon, President European Academy of Neurology 

Elena Moro, President-Elect European Academy of Neurology

17:00Closing reception

Event Details

7 May 2024
9:00 – 17:00 CEST


Paleis der Academiën 
Auditorium of the Royal Academy of Medicine 
Brussel, Belgium 

Live Broadcast 

In-person Attendance is by invitation only

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