Brain Health Mission

2024 European Capital of Brain Health - Helsinki

Stay active for better brain health

Your brain is the greatest device you have.
Take care of it!

2024 European Capital of Brain Health - Helsinki

Improve your sleep for better brain health

Your brain is the greatest device you have.
Take care of it!

2024 European Capital of Brain Health - Helsinki

Eat healthy for better brain health

Your brain is the greatest device you have.
Take care of it!

2024 European Capital of Brain Health - Helsinki

Stay active for better brain health

Your brain is the greatest device you have.
Take care of it!

About the Brain Health Mission

Why do we need it?
We're in the midst of a critical healthcare challenge: brain disorders, encompassing both mental and neurological conditions, are impacting millions globally. These disorders are not only disabling and costly but also frequently overlooked, hindering access to necessary care.

Widespread Impact: According to the WHO, 1 in 3 people suffer from a neurological disorder, and 1 in 4 face a mental health issue.

Significant Burden: Neurological conditions alone are leading causes of disability and the second largest contributors to mortality worldwide.

Exacerbating Factors: An aging population and increasing societal stressors are intensifying this crisis, posing a significant threat to public health.

Urgent Need for Action: Initiatives like WHO's iGAP underscore the necessity for comprehensive approaches to improve brain health, essential for advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The social, economic, and health ramifications of brain and mental disorders are immense, deeply affecting individuals, families, and communities. It's time to prioritize and address this urgent public health issue.

What is the Mission?

We aim to:

  1. Ensure a basic understanding of how to optimise brain health is available to the public through all stages of their lives and the lives of their loved ones
  2. Support & disseminate public health strategies which can make a meaningful and long-term impact on brain health
  3. Boost the workforces of healthcare professionals within neurology, as well as professionals dedicated to mental health, to ensure patients and those affected by brain disorders receive the care and support they need and deserve.

To achieve this, effective prevention, early detection, and intervention strategies are equally important, as well as investments in research, innovative treatments, and integrated healthcare systems.

Our collaborative Brain Health Mission is rooted in evidence-based research that underscores the importance of a holistic approach to brain and mental health, and to the needs of people, patients, and their carers and families.

Our mission already promotes mental, physical, and social well-being as critical components of maintaining brain and mental health. As such we, as promotors of the Brain Health Mission, are committed to promoting healthy habits that support brain and mental health, including adequate sleep, regular exercise, nutritious eating, and social engagement, among many other aspects.

EAN Brain Health Mission
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The EAN Brain Health Strategy

National Brain Health Plans

The Brain Health Mission advocates for national strategies to boost brain research and improve care for mental and neurological disorders. This initiative aims to address brain disorders' societal impact and promotes the development of national brain plans across Europe.


Who Can Join the BHM?

The aim of the Brain Health Mission is to involve everyone interested to support and contribute to the initiative. Brain health is a uniting force that cannot be tackled alone. Together we can help everyone to increase their brain capacities, lead a healthier and happier life.



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"Brain Health goes beyond the absence of disease to embrace all brain functions (cognitive, emotional, behavioural, creative) which are necessary to cope with life situations and for a happy, productive, and creative life. In fact there is not health without brain health."
Prof. Claudio BassettiEAN Past President
"Brain health has to be individually and globally recognised as the opportunity to engage in future thinking and in strategic health planning. We have the opportunity to make changes now that can change the future of neurology and of brain health."
Prof. Matilde LeonardiEAN Communications Committee Chair
"I wish that one day, taking care of one’s brain will be part of everyone’s daily routine – just like brushing your teeth."
Anja SanderEAN Executive Director
"The EAN Brain Health Strategy identifies key steps needed to enable people to reach their full potential, maximise brain health and avoid brain diseases and their consequences. For the future health and prosperity of their citizens it is vital that nations rise to the challenges."
Prof. Tony MarsonEAN Secretary General
"A healthy brain is not only the absence of a neurological disorder; it also means prevention of neurological disorders and continuous development of the healthy brain capacity over the life-cycle of an individual."
Prof. Thomas BergerEAN Scientific Committee Chair
"Achievement of optimal brain health for everyone is the mission of the American Academy of Neurology’s Brain Health Initiative. The initiative aims to improve an individual’s brain health at every stage of life through multidisciplinary collaboration in scientific discovery, patient care, public policy, and education. The AAN is proud to collaborate with the EAN on our collective efforts to help everyone have a healthy brain."
Carlayne E. Jackson, MD, FAANPresident, American Academy of Neurology

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