Membership FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

As a member of a national neurological society listed as an institutional member of EAN, you are automatically what we call an Associate Member with some basic benefits. However, these are restricted, i.e. no voting rights, no access to VIP lounge at the congress, no access to the online Web Conferencing tool, limited access to the Guideline Reference Centre and no rights to apply for EAN grants. You can easily upgrade to Individual Membership which will offer you many more benefits and other discount options. Check out the membership package that matches your status.  

If you wish to become a Full Member of EAN, we kindly ask you to log into your MyEAN account fill out the online application form and upload your current CV in English to the application. Please follow the same steps for Resident & Research membership and upload an official, English confirmation of your training status as well as your CV. Your documents will be forwarded to the EAN Secretary General, or the RRFS Secretary respectively for evaluation.

The submitted applications are forwarded either to EAN Secretary General or to EAN RRFS Secretary depending on the membership category.

RRFS Secretary is reviewing Student and Resident & Research membership applications and the Secretary General reviews Full, Corresponding and Fellow of EAN (FEAN) applications.

To upgrade your membership status, please log into your MyEAN account here – click on “membership” tab and then you will be able to find the “upgrade membership” section. Fill out the form and choose the type of membership you are eligible for and submit the upgrade by pressing “next”.


If your place of work is in a low/ low-middle/upper-middle income country (as defined by World Bank) you are entitled to a discount of 50% off the membership fee. Resident and Research Members from the above listed countries pay the fee of €30 instead of €60.

The best way to meet like-minded colleagues from around the globe is to attend the in-person Congresses and its' social get-togethers.
As an Individual member of EAN you will be able to visit the special area at the congress – the members lounge.

Clinical neurologists in training who did not yet complete their residency/clinical speciality training are eligible to apply for EAN Spring School and Autumn School.

We are now offering our members a great way to connect online!
Creating Groups in MyEAN is possible for EAN Full, Corresponding, RRFS or FEAN members. To create a group, click on the MyEAN groups tab. From there you can click on the Create Group button to begin. You will need to enter a name for the group, and you can also enter a description and information. In the next step you can add a profile picture for your group. You can then search the MyEAN community and invite others to join the group. Invited users must accept the invitation to join the group in order to become part of the group.

Payment can be made via our online shop system. After you have filled out the application form and selected the membership type, you press “Pay” to submit the application. EAN currently offers three payment options: bank transfer, PayPal or credit card.

As a Full/Corresponding/Resident & Research Member of EAN, you can make savings on the annual congress of up to €200. Moreover, you may also qualify for other membership fee reductions if you fulfil certain criteria, for example, if you work in a low-income country. To find out all your discount options, please see the detailed information on the respective membership package web page.

The application process may take up to 10 working days. Once your application has been accepted by the Secretary General you will receive a confirmation email and certificate. After approval, activating the membership status can take up to 48h.

Once a year, you will receive a membership renewal mail. You can either make a new payment for your membership renewal fee each year or send us a direct debit authorisation and have it automatically debited from your bank account.

To apply to become a Fellow of EAN, please upload your CV including a list of publications as well as a cover letter detailing your important achievements to the online application form. Check out the full conditions here.

It may be that you have two EAN accounts and the one you are using is not the one linked to your membership. Please contact membership(at)ean.org and we will help you to solve the issue.

Please use the “membership finder” to find out which membership category will best suit you in future. You can easily upgrade your current membership status by logging into your MyEAN account and choose “Upgrade membership status” under “Membership”. Alternatively, please contact membership(at)ean.org. We will be happy to help you.

Yes, retired members receive a 50% discount on their membership fees. When applying/renewing EAN membership, please remember to tick the box for “I am retired” – which will automatically apply discount to your membership fee. 

Please contact membership(at)ean.org and we will assist you.

Unfortunately, this is not possible as these are two separate administrative processes.

For administrative reasons, reductions on congress registration fees are only possible if membership payments have been received before June 1st of the same year (i.e. before the congress). If you sign up for membership from June 1st onwards, we consider this ‘on-site’ and the same conditions apply as if you had become a member at the congress. If you join EAN in May you do, however, have the benefit of a 50% discount off your Congress registration fee for that calendar year.

If you become a member after the deadline for receiving reduced congress registration fee, you pay only 50% of the annual membership fee but do not receive a discount for your registration fee. If you become a member after September 30th, you will pay the fee for the following year and receive the remainder of the year free of charge. 

Yes, we will send you all the issues published so far that calendar year.

You might be eligible for Corresponding membership. Please check the information here. 

Please send an email to membership(at)ean.org. We will then delete your details from our membership database. You will continue to have access to your benefits for the remainder of the calendar year. Kindly note that we cannot reimburse membership fees already paid or parts thereof.

If your membership application status is “Complete” it means that your documents are currently in review of our RRFS Secretary/Secretary General and as soon as the decision has been made, the final status will be “Approved”. Please, see below explanation of each application statuses.


Submitted – We have received your application and will shortly review it

Further information required – EAN Membership department needs more details or documents from the applicant and the application needs to be re-submitted. Further details have been communicated within an email.

Complete – We have received all needed documents and forwarded your application under review. Kindly note, that the review process might take up to 10 working days.

Declined – Your application has been declined. Please contact membership(at)ean.org for additional information or apply for another category.

Approved – Congratulations! Your membership application has been approved and you are now a member of EAN. If you still can not access the benefits, please contact membership(at)ean.org for support.