EAN Surveys

Surveys can be an excellent tool for collecting evidence on health practices, attitudes, and knowledge.
However, conducting good survey research can be trickier than it looks.

The European Academy of Neurology is pleased to offer scientific support throughout the whole process (e.g., design, set-up, dissemination). Partner societies are also welcome to share with us any new survey initiative.

To streamline this procedure, ensure transparency, and maximize the impact of all surveys, the following policy has been established as of December 2023 for all our EAN members:


Submission & launch dates

Survey applications can be submitted in any of the six-submission dedicated slots throughout the year. This is to be done through our online submission form. Once we have received your request, and given the usually high number of received surveys, an evaluation process will follow. The EAN Scientific Committee will carefully assess each proposal considering the criteria described below. If the survey gets accepted, it will be allocated to the next available launch date (see table 1).

Please, be aware that the revision period may last around 3 months, that the EAN Head Office cannot guarantee that the survey will get approved at the end of the evaluation process and please consider that only one survey can be published per launch date. If deemed necessary, the Board reserves the right to launch surveys outside of these dates.

Important: Each survey will be open for a maximum of one month. Depending on the response rate, reminders might be sent.

The members of the EAN Scientific Committee will carefully assess all submissions and award a maximum of 100 points to each initiative taking into consideration the criteria below

  1. Relevance of the study (10 pts.)
  2. Overview information on previous surveys conducted in the field (10 pts).
  3. Concordance between the survey´s items and the research protocol (10 pts).
  4. Methodology and survey design (10 pts.).
  5. Potential utility of the survey results (40 pts):
    - Contribution to Brain Health and current research agenda gaps (15 pts.).
    - Research impact (e.g., further dissemination, exploitation, communication) (15 pts.).
    - Benefits for EAN and its committees/working groups and the wider neurological community (5 pts.).
    - Interest from other stakeholders in the survey's outcome (5 pts.).
  6. Good preparedness and well-written proposal (10 pts.).
  • Upon approval, the EAN Head Office will provide support to the survey organizers. This includes checking the logic and setting up the survey in the system as well as extracting the data. Please be aware that several feedback rounds are possible until the survey gets launched (consider a minimum of 3 months’ time, before your survey gets launched). Additionally, the proposers ´full commitment and cooperation is essential. The EAN Head Office reserves the right to pause or even cancel a survey initiative for which no response from the authors is provided in a timely or consistent manner.
  • A standard set of demographic questions will be prepared for all surveys to ensure consistency. 


  • Survey results are expected to be published in the form of an article/research paper in the European Journal of Neurology. If the authors wish to submit the results to another Journal, a short description of the background reasons is expected.
  • A waiver for open-access publication may be considered if no other funding source can be guaranteed. Please refer to OA waivers policy.
  • The Survey´s authors are expected to inform the EAN within a lapse of 6 months after the survey was closed about how the data was processed and results dissemination.
  • The EAN Scientific Committee reserves the right to amend survey questions if necessary.
  • Surveys with similar objectives may be merged if it is deemed beneficial.
  • To ensure fairness, the number of surveys per scientific panel will be noted, and priority will be given to those who have not yet submitted a survey to encourage community engagement.
  • To increase the response rate and motivate the community to participate, a reward will be offered. Three respondents (per survey) will receive a free registration to the next congress.


We highly recommend you checking the survey submission form instructions document before starting with the submission. You can submit your proposal by completing the following online form:

Online submission form

Active survey available for participation:

Table 1.

Survey´s submission periods and launch dates

Surveys submitted during… Will be launched, if successful in
October January
December March
February May
March June
June September
August November

Published scientific papers

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    Active survey/s from partner societies/other organizations:

    Currently no active surveys available