How to renew your EAN membership

Your Individual membership will expire on December 31.

Your membership can be conveniently renewed in your MyEAN profile. Please proceed to your MyEAN account and click "membership" in the top navigation bar. You can settle your membership fee by credit card, bank transfer or PayPal. In case you have missed the deadline, and want to retain your benefits you can still renew your membership, as this is possible thoughout the year. 

"I've been a proud member of the EAN for many years because it's been a source of continuous learning, networking, and contributing to the field. It's my way of giving back and staying at the forefront of neurological advancements."
David VodusekFellow of the EAN
"Being a student member of the EAN has enabled me to expand on my knowledge of neurology, take an active step towards my aspired career, and connect with peers who will soon be my colleagues."
Stella GoeschlEAN Student Member
"I joined the RRFS to gain access to cutting-edge knowledge and collaborate with experts in the field, helping me grow as a neurologist."
Giacomo SferuzzaRRFS Member

Membership upgrade

If your current membership category does not apply to you any longer, e.g. if you are a Student Member and have finished your studies, or you are a Resident and Research Member and have finished your training more than three years ago, the system will automatically suggest the most suitable membership category for you. 

EAN Membership Renewal
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EAN Memberhip Renewal

In your MyEAN account you can apply for or upgrade your existing membership. To apply, it is important to fill in the online form. Depending on your profession, MyEAN will automatically offer the membership categories for which you are eligible. Depending on the membership category selected, MyEAN will promt you to upload a CV and other documents, depending on the requirements. 

If you want to apply for Resident and Research membership, it is important to provide your graduation date and the date your liscense to practice was issued.

You can settle your membership fee by credit card, bank transfer or PayPal. 
Student membership is free of charge but in order to submit, you have to carry on by pressing “Pay”.

Please upload your CV and the following documents, based on each membership category:

  • Fellow of EAN: a cover letter detailing your important achievements, list of publications and a statement of support from a current Fellow of EAN member
  • Resident & Research Membership: an official confirmation/certification of your (ongoing) training or PhD studies 
  • Student Membership: a brief explanation of your special interest in neurology and the reason for
    requesting membership and your student ID

All supporting documents have to be provided in English.