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Student Teaser Fellowship 2024

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The aim of this new fellowship is to give medical students* the possibility and experience to gain insight in neurology in general or in a specific neurology domain of interest, while they are still doing their medical studies.

By exchange programmes, students can improve their medical education and learn experience in other departments and foster networking. All this will help in their decision-making for neurology in general or for a certain neurological sub-field. 

Become an EAN Student Member free of charge and benefit from this* and many more opportunities at EAN.

(*EAN Student Member from EAN member country or corresponding member country)

    Target groups

    All medical students who completed their first year of medical school are eligible for this programme. To identify the needs in relation to the training level, two target groups are identified:

    1. Medical students in the early stage of medical studies (years 1-3) with an interest in neuroscience or clinical neurology.
    2. Medical students in their later stage of medical studies (years 4-6) with an interest in neurology and who like to explore further specific sub-areas of neurology.


    Each year, 15 students will be awarded with a funding of €1.000,- to support a stay of minimum 4 weeks in a European neurological department outside the city of residence.

    After the fellowship, a report and evaluation are expected to be provided as feedback to EAN.

    Application is open from February 01 – March 31, 2024, 23:59 h (CET)

    The Fellowship is effective from April 1, 2024 until January 31, 2025.

    To be considered for the grant, applicants must, at the time of application and during fellowship stay be:

    Awardees from previous years are no more qualified.

    Please be aware that you must have an active EAN Student membership in order to apply for this fellowship. Approval of your membership may take up to 10 working days and we advise that you submit your complete membership application at least 3 weeks before the deadline for applications for this fellowship.

    EAN Student Members are listed in the student membership section here.

    Application is open from February 01 – March 31, 2024, 23:59 h (CET).

    The fellowship is effective from April 1, 2024 until January 31, 2025.
    Important note: Notifications will be sent within 2 months and successful fellowships are valid retroactively from April 1, 2024, if your stay in the hosting department starts earlier.

    Application material

    • Application Form (see link box, only visible after login from February 01 – March 31, 2024)
    • Current student ID
    • Acceptance form by host department
    • Recommendation letter from university/home department supervisor

    Application forms

    Application procedure

    The registration link is only visible to EAN members.
    Please make sure to log into your MyEAN account to gain access to registration.

    All application material must be submitted and uploaded via the online application.
    For questions contact: fellowship(at) 

    Prepare as much as possible beforehand to have it ready when starting the online application process.

    Start early: Check programme website for deadlines and special requirements for the application process. 

    Check your membership status: Apply for EAN membership (free for students) if you are no member yet.

    Organise your application: Prepare your student ID, necessary forms and documents (e.g. host department acceptance form).

    Motivation text: Prepare a motivation text/statement to be inserted in the online applications, why this fellowship grant is useful to you at the current training time (200 words max).

    Host department: Find a suitable host department by yourself. You can use the following list for reference: Clinical Fellowship Host departments. Please note that the listed departments might decline a student application as they might be more suitable for neurologists in training.

    Is the fellowship transferred directly to the person who applied or to the receiving institution?
    The grant will be transferred to the successful applicant. The applicant can use the grant at one´s own discretion. 

    At how many departments can I apply? 
    Decision should be made on one host department for your application. Please use and upload the acceptance form.

    How long can the duration of my fellowship be? 
    The fellowship stay can be longer than 4 weeks, however the grant will remain the same. 

    Can I choose a department outside of Europe? 
    No, only European hospitals or university departments are accepted.

    Can I apply without having all necessary documents? 
    No, the application can only be considered for review when all requested documents are uploaded by the time of the deadline (or earlier).

    What/when is the application deadline? 
    The online application form including all required documents need to be submitted on March 31, 23:59 h (CET).

    Can I change the time of my fellowship stay after acceptance? 
    You can change the starting date once, but it needs to stay within the calendar year.

    Do I have to organise accommodation and travel myself? 
    Yes, please organise yourself.

    Do I have to organise visa procedures myself?
    Yes. EAN can provide a letter for visa purposes if needed. 

    Where do I find visa regulations for other European countries? 
    You should check the government website of the country you wish to go to. 

    Do I have to inform my supervisor about successful application? 
    Yes, we encourage you to inform your supervisor/head of department about your fellowship. If successful, the acceptance letter from EAN  will be sent to you, your home department supervisor and your future host department supervisor.

    Students @ EAN

    EAN welcomes the next generation of neurologists to our growing international community.

    You - today’s students - will be tomorrow’s experts. Which is why it’s so crucial to promote global networking and an international mindset now to drive excellence in neurology in the future. Find all the information you need about your EAN benefits as a medical student. If you are not a member yet, we would be delighted to welcome you as a Student Member.

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    EAN Student Task Force

    Starting in early 2021, EAN proudly introduced the new Student Task Force.
    This Task Force is devoted to promoting EAN activities and the neurology domain among medical students.

    Student Task Force


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