Institutional Members

Full Institutional Members

Currently 47 European National Neurological Societies are Full Institutional Members of EAN.
Each society is represented by one delegate to the Assembly of Delegates and has one representative in each EAN Scientific Panel. All members of National Neurological Societies in Europe are automatically Associate Members of EAN.

  • All EAN Associate Members have access to the e-learning platform EAN Campus (limited content).
  • Access to a reduced fee at future congresses
  • One month access to Congress Platform, after the Congress

Corresponding Institutional Members

If you are a neurologist living in a non-EAN member country or a health professional and/or scientist working in another specialty area or profession related to neurology, we welcome you to join us as a Corresponding Institutional Member. Read on to find out about your EAN benefits.Corresponding institutional members are the national neurological societies of:

Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Nepal, Palestine, Tunisia, Syria

  • Corresponding institutional members do not pay membership fee. 
  • One delegate per society is invited as an observer to the annual Assembly of Delegates of EAN.
  • Members of Corresponding societies may attend the annual EAN congress at the reduced fee for residents.
  • They may also benefit from and participate in certain other EAN activities, such as the EAN Clinical Fellowship and the EAN Spring School.


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for Institutional Membership

Institutions may apply for membership by submitting their statement of purpose and/or bylaws, an official confirmation of their non-profit status (if available) and, if applicable, their respective particulars of registration to the EAN Secretary General. 

Please submit to membership(at)