EAN Congress 2021

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New podcast series

One Voice for Neurology

EAN joined EFNA in the production of a podcast series exploring why it’s time to make neurology a global priority, how that can be achieved and what that could mean for those living with a neurological disorder.

EAN Student Task Force

”Why Neurology?” Essay Competition

The aims of this competition is to understand the incentives of choosing Neurology as a subspecialty, to get to know EAN Student members better whilst also making Neurology more visible among the undergraduate medical students.

European Journal of Neurology

Free for EAN members

Read the online version of the European Journal of Neurology here

European Academy of Neurology

EAN Priorities 2020-2024

Vision: Be the Home of Neurology and advance high-quality patient care
Mission: Reduce the burden of neurological diseases

Overarching Theme

Towards Precision Neurology

Learn more about the Overarching Theme here

| Epilepsy  

The major problem for epilepsy patients is unpredictability of seizures attacks, which carry a risk of accidents and has negative impact on normal…

| Coordinating Panel on Rare Neurological Diseases  

The world has changed for patients and parents of children suffering from spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) type 1. Without treatment these children…

| Coordinating Panel on Rare Neurological Diseases  

SMA is a perfect example of rare neurological disease, and should be regarded as a prototype concerning the medical and social aspects of its…