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The Brain Prize 2022 is now open

Nominations for the world's largest neuroscience prize

The Lundbeck Foundation is now accepting nominations for next year's winners of The Brain Prize, the world's largest prize for neuroscience. Find out about the nomination and selection process, and nominate here.

EAN Virtual Congress 2021

Opening Session

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EAN Virtual Congress 2021

5 Presidents Symposium Future of Sleep Medicine

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Overarching Theme

Towards Precision Neurology

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| Clinical neurophysiology  

Event Related Potentials might be an accurate neurophysiological biomarker for early diagnosis of AD and prediction of MCI to AD conversion.

| Neuroimmunology  

A medical mystery solved after more than 60 years- analysis of archival brain tissue allows characterization of rare fatal disease

| Epilepsy  

The major problem for epilepsy patients is unpredictability of seizures attacks, which carry a risk of accidents and has negative impact on normal…