As a mentee in this programme, you have the chance to interact with an experienced professional in the field of neurology and ask for advice on specific projects or personal development.

You will build a collaborative cross-generational relationship with your mentor and engage in mutual learning. You will work closely together on creating a roadmap and setting stages toward reaching your developmental goals.

We try to provide 1:1 mentorship in an area important to your personal career development and where you have no access to a mentor who can advise you.

Successful matching mostly depends on the ratio of available mentors to mentees. A standardised application rating system will be applied, and applicants will be selected accordingly.



Requirements for successful application

  • You are an EAN individual Member or RRFS member from an EAN member country
  • You are a neurology resident or neurologist within your first 5 years of national board certification (junior consultant), PhD student, PhD graduate (graduating no more than 5 years ago), or Post-Doc (no more than 5 years into your post-doc position)
  • You are ready to take the initiative and define concrete career goals
  • You are willing to learn and interested in professional development
  • You are prepared to share your learning and new perspectives with your mentor
  • You can declare the presence of an unmet mentoring need
  • You are willing to commit to a one-year programme
  • You are fluent in written and spoken English

Benefits for mentees

Mentees who enter the EAN mentorship programme have access to a mentor who has been approved by the EAN as an expert in their field.

Mentees can profit from the following areas of mentorship (among others):

  • Career advice
  • Development of skills
  • Development of clinical and research interests
  • Advice on scientific projects and their publication
  • Advice on work-life balance (promote success and prevent burnout)

In addition, the EAN supports mentees throughout the duration of the programme with the following benefits:

  • Free access to the annual EAN congress webcasts
  • Free access to events specific to the mentorship programme (when at the congress or other locations, or virtual).
  • Certificate of participation
  • Public acknowledgement (EANpages)

The EAN mentorship programme has no financial obligations. It provides no financial aid to either mentors or mentees.

Do you want to participate?

How to apply:

To facilitate the application process and to help you prepare as much as possible, we have developed a comprehensive online application. As there is no option to save parts and return to the online application later, the following section explains what you will need to fill out.

Part 1: your personal information

We need your up-to-date personal information, which is important for the matching process.
All questions are tick boxes or short text fields.


Part 2: your professional information, your goals, interests and expectations

In order to facilitate a possible match, we need to know how you hope to benefit from mentoring and the aims or milestones you would like to accomplish in a 1-year mentoring partnership.
All questions are tick boxes or short text fields, except for a free text section for one part:
-    Declaration of unmet personal mentoring need – explain in your own words why you would like to participate and why this programme would be perfect for you (max. of 300 words)


Part 3: guidelines and legal formalities

We have to ask you to carefully read this part and by checking the tick boxes giving your approval to the guidelines and rules, a necessary legal part for this programme.

The matching process is started, when we have compiled all applications from mentees and mentors.

The start date for the matching process is 15 September.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

The online application should not take longer than 15 minutes.

Detailed information can be found in the Mentorship Application Document.

We are very happy to receive your online application and CVs
throughout the entire year.