The set-up of the Mentorship programme

  1. EAN Head Office will contact the allocated mentorship pair
  2. The pair will be asked to set up a first meeting (F2F or virtual)
  3. The pair shall define the roadmap for the coming year
  4. The pair shall set up a regular meeting plan (phone, virtual room, F2F meetings) and decide how to stay in touch over the course of the year
  5. EAN will invite both mentor and mentee to visit and meet at the annual EAN congress
  6. Shortly before the year is over, they can decide to terminate the programme, or stay in the programme (under EAN patronage), or stay in touch on a private basis
  7. EAN requests assessment at three and twelve months, and a report for publication in EANpages from both mentor and mentee after termination of the programme

Roadmap for the 1-year mentorship programme

The mentoring roadmap in four steps will help both mentors and mentees to develop a successful professional relationship.

Areas of mentorship

The focus should be on, but is not limited to (the pairs define their area of mentorship when they meet):

  • Skills development
  • Career advice
  • How to obtain the best information about sub-specialty areas in neurology
  • Developing the participants’ clinical and research interests
  • Advice on how to design a successful research project
  • Advice on how to publish research
  • Establishing a work-life balance
  • Other issues (e.g., equality, diversity, burnout and more)


Goals and stages of the one-year programme

  • Preparation of clear and realistic goals for the mentee, to be pursued for the one-year programme
  • Clear declaration of needs from the mentee – possible support by mentor per item/stage
  • Set-up of meeting structure (how often, which means, how long)
  • Set-up of mentorship stages (which goals to reach by what time, reflection process, new strategy in case of failure, etc.)