Evaluation and Extension of the EAN mentorship programme


After the successful matching of a mentor and a mentee, EAN will ask for an initial assessment of the relationship after three months. This brief report will include information that the programme is running and will give mentor and mentee the possibility to report any potential complications that need EAN assistance.

After a one-year period, the standard duration of the programme is over, and again EAN will ask for an evaluation of the programme. This will provide quality control and the opportunity to learn about potential needs for improvement or changes.

The standard duration of the EAN mentorship programme is one year. However, on mutual agreement of mentor and mentee, an extension of the programme, i.e., continued mentorship under observation of the EAN, can be requested.

Applications for extension will be reviewed and approved by the EAN mentorship programme task force. In cases where significant concerns exist, the request may also be rejected. The maximum duration of the EAN mentorship programme is limited to three years, i.e., an application for extension can only be submitted twice.