Evaluation and Extension of the EAN mentorship programme

After the successful matching of a mentor and a mentee, EAN asks for an initial assessment of the relationship after 3 months – this should give EAN a brief information, that the programme is running and the possibility for the two individual persons to state if there are any complications that need EAN assistance.

After one-year period, the standard duration of the programme is over and again EAN will ask for an evaluation of the programme for quality reasons, and to learn if there needs to be improvement or changes to be implemented.

The standard duration of the EAN mentorship programme is one year. However, on mutual agreement of mentor and mentee, an extension of the programme, i.e. mentorship under surveillance of the EAN, can be requested.

Applications for extension will be reviewed and approved by the EAN mentorship programme task force. In case of significant concerns, the request can also be rejected.

The maximum duration of the EAN mentorship programme is limited to 3 years, i.e. an application for extension can only be submitted twice.



Apply for a programme extension