Other Leadership Opportunities

Advocacy and Leadership in the European Academy of Neurology

Leadership and advocacy is strongly linked and advocacy is an implicit duty of any physicians, yet awareness and teaching is needed.
EAN as largest European Neurological Society has inserted this task as a major priority in the next years to help to develop leaders for European Neurology.

Other Leadership and Advocacy opportunities:

To maximise opportunities for EAN members to develop into leaders for European Neurology, EAN is introducing the “Special skills” session. This session is available only to EAN Individual members as a new membership benefit. It has become a permanent part of the EAN Congress programme. In the challenging health care systems of our time, the modern medicine women/men need to be healers and leaders at the same time.

Special Skills Session 2021 Special Skills Session 2022


These 90-minutes sessions shall allow to share and improve knowledge on:

  • „how to best write an academic paper”
  • „how to plan and organize a clinical or scientific study”
  • „how to apply for a grant”
  • „how to get a paper accepted”
  • “how to write a scientific paper”
  • „how to write a good abstract”
  • „how to handle reviewer comments”

Please browse through the programme of our annual EAN Congress and find the Career development Session (CdS) that interests you most.

This career development session gives you a chance to chat with Professors in a closed, on-site meeting.

As the quality of the session is our main concern, the number of participants is limited to 30 members.

The session is open to the EAN Resident and Research Members only.

"Coffee with you" 2021 "Coffee with you" 2022

"Why neurology?" From a student to a professor. It is your chance to ask questions and talk with Professors in a closed, on-site meeting.

Participation is on first-come first-serve basis and is limited to up to 20 persons per session/day.

The session is open to the EAN Student Members only.

"Why neurology?" 2021 "Why neurology? 2022"

book Grisold, Wolfgang, Walter Struhal, and Thomas Grisold, eds. 
Advocacy in Neurology. Oxford University Press, 2019.


The concept of advocacy literally means to speak for someone. Rooted in law, the term has been increasingly used in medical and patient-related contexts in the past years.

This book focuses on advocacy activities in the field of neurology. Neurology deals with heterogeneous and diverse populations of patients, who suffer from disability, chronic, and often progressive diseases. The complex characteristics of neurological diseases yield exceptional challenges to plan for and implement advocacy activities on all levels.

All stakeholders are challenged to provide the support patients need; advocacy facilitates this process and bundles efforts to reach the objective of the advocacy task. Building on the premise that advocacy goes beyond merely theoretical claims, this book collects and organizes advocacy approaches in practice. Thereby, we draw on different dimensions of ‘advocacy in neurological practice’ and discuss implications for management, healthcare, planning, and policymaking. We place special emphasis on what advocacy means for several different diseases, such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), brain tumours, MS, epilepsy among others. Contributions include best practices, lessons learnt, and tools to be used.

The main goal of this book is to raise awareness for advocacy in neurology and empower readers to plan for and implement appropriate activities. In advocacy, anyone can be both an advocate and an advocatee.

This book offers a seminal contribution for anyone who is pursuing or intending to pursue advocacy in neurology and related fields.

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