About EAN Membership

Make a difference and become part of Europe’s largest neurology network

EAN represents around 45,000 neurologists in 47 European countries with a total population of 900 million people – from the Atlantic Ocean to Bering Sea, from the Barents Sea to the Mediterranean.
According to the latest estimates, one in two people will have a neurological disease at some point in their life. Extended lifespans are also leading to a significant increase in neurological disorders such as stroke, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. It is our vision to provide every single one of these patients with the best possible diagnoses and therapies. And we are on course to succeed. Neuroscience has made huge leaps over the last two decades. It is now widely seen as one of the most important medical disciplines of the 21st century. Our aim is to share this expertise with as many neurologists as possible in our member countries, and beyond. EAN provides access to continuing medical training and education, international knowledge resources and platforms that allow cross-border communication between colleagues.
You, too, can become a valued participant in this project, no matter your specialty. Let’s all strive for excellence in neurology together.

Drive your excellence in neurology with EAN

Join the RRFS Section
Platform for junior colleagues to encourage intercultural exchanges and support tackling upcoming challenges of modern doctors.

Join a Committee
EAN Committees carry out core activities and actively shape the society on all matters, ranging from education to congress programme.

Become or elect a Delegate
The Assembly of Delegates is the democratic heart of EAN, consisting of Individual Delegates and National Delegates representing EAN individual members.

Join the Board
The Board is responsible for the dayto-day management of EAN. Major decisions made by the EAN Board must be ratified by the Assembly of Delegates.

Join a Scientific Panel
Scientific Panels are the backbone of EAN. They cover a wide range of subspecialties and play a significant role in EAN’s everyday activities.
These member-led groups are a perfect opportunity to:

  • network with colleagues and trainees
  • produce guidelines
  • create the congress programme
  • review fellowship applications
  • contribute to EAN’s online content
  • cooperate on EU matters

European Journal of Neurology
Get involved in EAN’s journal and contribute with articles.




Apply for fellowships
EAN offers Clinical and Research Fellowships. 

Attend EAN Schools
EAN offers annual Spring and Autumn Schools to neurologists in training and those in the early stages of their career.

Organise an EAN-Day
The EAN-Day aims at bringing excellent teaching and special recognition by EAN to our Institutional Members, the National Neurological Member Societies.

Become a Host Department for fellowships
EAN looks for departments that are ready to accept a visitor between 6 to 12 weeks.

Apply to organise a Regional Teaching Course
RTCs aim to bring teaching excellence to countries that are not able to host an EAN congress.

Attend the annual congress
Meet the lively network of colleagues and get the resources to boost your career.
Sessions range from teaching courses and focused workshops, over high-quality symposia and named lectures to presentations of most recent scientific progress and allows participants an individualized update on every aspect of neurology.

Present your work
Submit your abstract to present your work in front of peers.

Compete in the Tournament
The best abstracts received are winners in the EAN Tournament sessions and the winner receive free registration for the next congress, hotel accommodation and a travel grant.