Corresponding Member

Your EAN benefits at a glance

If you are a neurologist living in a non-EAN member country or a health professional and/or scientist working in another specialty area or profession related to neurology, we welcome you to join us as a Corresponding Member. Read on to find out about your EAN benefits.

did you know ... ?

If you qualify as a Corresponding Member, you may also be eligible to become a Fellow of EAN (FEAN). Are you leading the way in neurology? Then head straight to the information on Fellow of EAN to find out how to apply.

Who can join as a Corresponding Member

  • Neurologists who are nationals of and practice in non-EAN member countries. Check the list of EAN member countries below
  • Health care professionals and/or scientists of other specialities or health care professions related to neurology, irrespective of their citizenship or residency

What’s the difference between a Corresponding and a Full Member?

Full and Corresponding Members have almost the same benefit package, except Full Members have active and passive voting rights for the Assembly of Delegates of EAN, including the possibility to apply for Individual Delegate and to elect the Individual Delegates.

Check if your national society belongs to one of the 12 institutional members


Get connected and visit the annual congress

Our EAN annual congress is the biggest gathering of general neurologists in Europe and the perfect place to meet your peers from more than 100 countries

Network and expand your knowledge

  • My EAN: free webconferencing tool
  • Participate in EAN Scientific Panels
  • Online eLearning platform eanCampus
Corresponding Member
€ 200 *
membership fee per calendar year

* Make savings

  • If your place of work is in a middle income country (as defined by World Bank) you are entitled to a discount of 50% off the membership fee. The same discount applies to neurologists who are retired from their professional work.
  • If your place of residence is in one of the low income countries (as defined by World Bank) your EAN membership is free of charge.
  • AAN members from outside Europe get a 10% discount off their EAN membership and European EAN members get the discount for their AAN Membership fee in return.