How to apply for or upgrade your membership

Application process

In your MyEAN account you can apply for or upgrade your existing membership. To apply, it is important to fill in the online form. Depending on your profession, MyEAN will automatically offer the membership categories for which you are eligible. Depending on the membership category selected, MyEAN will promt you to upload a CV and other documents, depending on the requirements. 

If you want to apply for Resident and Research membership, it is important to provide your graduation date and the date your liscense to practice was issued.

You can settle your membership fee by credit card, bank transfer or PayPal. 
Student membership is free of charge but in order to submit, you have to carry on by pressing “Pay”.



What documents should I submit?

Please upload your CV and the following documents, based on each membership category:

Fellow of EAN: a cover letter detailing your important achievements, list of publications and a statement of support from a current Fellow of EAN member

Resident & Research Membership: an official confirmation/certification of your (ongoing) training or PhD studies in English

Student Membership: a brief explanation of your special interest in neurology and the reason for
requesting membership and your student ID


All supporting documents have to be provided in English.

Who reviews your application

Full, Corresponding and FEAN applications are reviewed by EAN Secretary General.​​​​​​​

RRFS and Student applications are reviewed by the RRFS Secretary.

Should you have any questions, please contact our Membership department membership(at)

We are happy to help you with your application process.