Resident & Research Member

our EAN benefits at a glance

Here you will find all the information you need about EAN benefits as a Resident & Research Member. As such, you are automatically a member of the Resident and Research Fellow Section (RRFS). This global network of young doctors and scientists was formed to forge a strong link between scientists and health care professionals in neurology and to overcome any gaps to achieve one common neurological understanding. 

did you know ... ?

Resident & Research Members pay €60 for the 1st year and receive the 2nd year for free. Members from low and low/middle income countries, pay a reduced fee of €30.

Resident & Research members do have a strong network and meet regularly during the EAN congress by organising hospital visits and networking events, but also throughout the year at national societies’ conferences and during training courses. To apply for EAN grants, you must be a Resident & Research member.

Who can join as a Resident & Research Member

  • Residents/neurologists in training
  • Research Fellows
  • PhD students in Neurology
  • The above mentioned three groups up to a maximum of 3 years beyond their latest degree (MD, PhD) & up to a maximum of 15 years after receiving a license to practice medicine

Because it is our goal to promote neurology across the world in the RRFS, we invite you to join us as a Resident & Research Member no matter which country you come from.

Please, fill out the membership application form within your MyEAN account, upload recent, official English confirmation of your training status, CV and submit the application. After approval, you will have access to all membership benefits.

Get connected and visit the annual congress

Our EAN annual congress is the biggest gathering of general neurologists in Europe and the perfect place to meet your peers from more than 100 countries

Network and expand your knowledge

  • Purchase the printed edition of the European Journal of Neurology at a reduced rate
  • My EAN: free webconferencing tool
  • Participate in EAN Scientific Panels
  • Free virtual participation at the congress
  • Online eLearning platform eanCampus
  • Access to Educational grants + activities: Schools, Fellowships, Mentorship (for members of EAN member countries)
Resident & Research Member
€ 60 *
membership fee per calendar year

* Make savings

  • If your place of work is in a low and lower/middle income countries (as defined by World Bank) pay a reduced fee of €30.
  • If your place of residence is in one of the HINARI A group countries your EAN membership is free of charge.
  • When upgrading to Full membership from Resident membership, you will receive a discount and pay less for your first membership year (high income 100€, low income 60€).
  • AAN members from outside Europe get a 10% discount off their EAN membership and European EAN members get the discount for their AAN Membership fee in return.