How to become an EAN Host department

EAN supports European neurologists in training in deepening their professional experience and expertise. We are looking for neurological departments who would be ready to accept a visitor for a stay of 6 – 12 weeks.
Applicants for the EAN Clinical Fellowship grant have to submit a confirmed letter of acceptance from the hosting department which is on the list of approved departments.
The term of the visit depends on your mutual agreement with the visitor, according to your and his/her possibilities.
Hosting department cannot influence the selection of grantees. If you decide to accept clinical fellowship applicants and that your department should be included in the list of our approved hosting departments, please send us your Department access form to: fellowship(at)

Identification of the responsible Person for the department is obligatory, as well as identification of the mentors (by field) of training offered.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your department is not on the list of approved departments, and you wish to participate in the 2023/24 Cinical Fellowship Programme, please send your department access form until September 15, 2023. All forms that are received after this date cannot be considered for the 2024 reviewing process.

Department Access Form (for Clinical Fellowship host departments)