Master Classes

EAN’s Master Classes are held by European experts in neurology for registered and selected (first come-first serve) RRFS members. They are based on online recordings of the past EAN annual Congresses and give members of EAN the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in specific topics and specialties. Please look for announcements here or follow us on our Social Media accounts to keep up-to-date.

As a Christmas Special to EAN’s Resident and Research Fellow Section (RRFS) members, EAn hosted a first series of Virtual Master Classes in the course of December 2020 for free.

The current situation has made it crucial to provide online learning materials to our members and build a repertoire of e-Learning resources for a consistent source of neurological knowledge.

Following the official EAN priorities for the upcoming years, we are expanding our online learning offers. The EAN Master Classes were the first of many future initiatives to present our members with the online learning resources they need.

For this first EAN Master Classes round, we hosted four speakers who have already spoken at the 2020 EAN Virtual Congress.

The Master Classes was not a mere review of their lectures, but rather a more thorough and interactive session, in which a limited number of just 15 participants could discuss and elaborate on the topic together with the speaker.

Additional learning resources were provided to the participants to give them the opportunity to prepare and/or follow up on what they have learned.


Terms and Conditions:

The Master Classes are held by European experts in neurology for registered and selected (first come-first serve) RRFS members.
Participants who have been accepted to the Master Class have watched the corresponding session of the Virtual 2020 Congress. Prior to the Master Class, they may receive further resources (e.g. articles, documents, forms, etc.) to prepare.

15 registrations per Master Class are accepted and a waiting list will be kept in case some of the registered participants cannot attend. The classes will be held via a live video tool. Participants may only attend one Master Class each, in order to ensure equal saturation. After the Master Class, participants will be asked to give feedback to further improve future Master Classes.


Do you have any questions? Contact eLearning(at)


Past Master Classes:
07.12.2020, 19:00 (CET) “How to recognize an acute functional movement disorder” with Jon Stone
16.12.2020, 18:00 (CET) “Toxin induced hyperkinesias” with Angelo Antonini
23.12.2020, 16:00 (CET) “Headache in cerebrovascular disorders” with Elena R. Lebedeva

Future Master Classes will be announced here and on our Social Media.