EAN Coordinating Panel on Rare Neurological Diseases

Election 2022-2024

The Coordinating Panel on Rare Neurological Diseases (CP RND) together with the Scientific Panels are considered one of the strongest threads within the community and are often referred to as the organisation’s “scientific backbone”.

The activities of the Coordinating Panel correspond with those of the Scientific Panels, including coordinating clinical research, disseminating good clinical and research practice, assisting in planning the EAN annual congress, supporting the EAN’s educational efforts, and producing guidelines that assist neurologists in daily practice.

As the Scientific Panels, the CP RND is also run by its own Management Group (MG)*, elected by the Panel members.

Being a part of the Management group is an opportunity to play a direct part in determining the direction of scientific progress within Europe. EAN Board urges every neurologist with a passion for the scientific future of rare diseases to consider standing for election.

Management Group

  • *Only members of the CP RND Core group (selected Scientific Panel representatives*) can run for election.
  • MG is the responsible partner of the Scientific Committee.
  • The standard size of the MG is 3-6 elected persons, including 2 co-chairpersons.
  • The duration of the mandate of a member on the MG is limited to a maximum of 6 years (3 x 2 years) in succession. The term of the Chairperson is 2 years, with the possibility of re-election once (2 x 2 years) if the limit of being a member of the MG (max. 6 years) is not exceeded.
  • After a 2-year break a past MG member can apply again for any MG position. 
  • The hand-over of the Chairpersons and Management Group will take place immediately after the election.

The Management group serve as a link to the partner societies EAN has a Memorandum of Understanding with. 


*Core Group

  • Every Scientific Panel (SP) has a right to nominate up to 2 persons to represent the respective SP in the CP RND. These members form the core group.
  • Nominations should be submitted by the SP Co-Chairs every 2 years; with the possibility of re-nomination.
  • Nominations provided by the SP Co-Chairs are based on the applications submitted by the respective Panel members

For information on the Panel composition and the tasks of the Management groups, please consult the Coordinating Panel rules.

The chance to take on such a unique leadership position should not be missed, apply now!

  1. The members of the Core group should have an active individual or institutional membership (representative of a National Society) of the SP they wish to represent and a special interest in rare diseases.
  2. The members of the MG, especially co-chairpersons, should be well-established scientists in the field.
  3. Scientific quality and productivity are a major criterion for the selection of the MG.
  4. They need to have the time to realize tasks.
  5. They need to have leadership qualities, which allow them to manage projects within large working groups.
  6. The MG members must be individual members of EAN (FEAN, full or resident & research individual members of EAN).
  7. Neurologists at an early stage of their career are also encouraged to apply and become a part of the MG.

Only the selected Scientific Panel representatives, i.e. the core group members, can run for MG election.

The applicants shall complete an application form, with the following parts:

  1. Contact details (Please note that MG applicants must be based in Europe).
  2. Selection of Panel(s) they wish to represent within the CP RND Core group
  3. A cover letter & CV including a list of publications.
  1. Confirmation that they are EAN Full/Resident/Corresponding Individual member or are currently applying to be one.
  2. Register of interest, which purpose is to publicly provide information about EAN´s officers´ relations, which might be perceived as influencing their work.

The application form must be completed, and the application documents submitted via an online form: for your application to be processed.

Please note that the above combined application form is for the Core group and, if selected, also for the Management Group of the CP RND.  

We advise to prepare or have on-hand the relevant information or documents to make it easier to fill out this form.

The deadline for submitting applications is Sunday, 19 December 2021, 23:55 CET.

19 December   Application deadline
December/JanuaryDecision on the selected SP representatives (i.e. the Core group members, done by respective SP Co-chairs)
24 January   MG Voting opens
07 February    MG Voting ends
FebruaryInternal MG selection procedure based on the results
07 MarchMG Results are officially announced
June Meeting of the CP RND at the EAN annual congress

Core group

  • The HO sends out a call for applications to all Scientific Panel members, who can apply for the position within the CP RND Core group as their Scientific Panel representatives.
  • The decision on the Scientific Panel representatives is made by the Co-chairs based on the application and cover letter.
  • The HO informs selected candidates and organises the election of the CP RND Management group.


Management Group election

  • The HO organises a secret poll. In this poll all CP RND members (excluding patient and partner society representatives, except if the representatives are EAN individual members) will be asked to indicate their three favourite MG members.
  • The SC decides on the number (3-6) and the names of MG members following the results of the poll. The final approval is done by the EAN Board and communicated by the SC Chair and the President.
  • In addition to the criteria for MG Members listed above, the SC and EAN Board will apply the following criteria when constituting the MG: geographical balance (max. two people from the same country, a panel should not be co-chaired by two persons from the same country, only one person from the same department); strive for gender balance.
  • EAN is attempting to strengthen collaboration with other organisations (e.g. European reference networks) which may nominate representatives to the Coordinating Panel. These members are not included in the above-mentioned vote.


For those who re-apply for the Management/co-chairpersonship position, the SC and EAN Board reserve the right to consider performance in the previous term.


The Scientific Panels consist of:

  • The Core Group: Every Scientific Panel (SP) has a right to nominate up to 2 persons to represent the respective SP in the CP on RND. These members form the core group. Nominations should be submitted by the SP Co-Chairs every 2 years, with the possibility of re-nomination.
  • Individual Panel members - Every FEAN, full, corresponding, and resident individual member with an interest in this field can become a member as well. They must submit a completed application form and CV. Membership duration is unlimited for individual members.
  • The European Reference Networks, EAN has a Memorandum of Understanding with, can propose one representative (and a substitute) who shall act as a member.
  • EFNA (European Federation of Neurological Associations) can nominate a patient representative


If you need further information

please contact EAN Scientific Department at scientific(at)ean.org


Application is open until

December 19, 2021