Regional Teaching Courses

Another fruitful project has been launched also in 2000 with the break of the millenium: Regional teaching courses (RTC). Aware of the fact, that some colleagues have had little opportunity to attend our annual congresses, we decided to bring our faculty to some East-European cities. The first one came true in Targu Mures in Romania. Laszlo Csiba took iniciative, together with the local organizer Ian Pascu. The faculty convened in Debrecen, Hungary and a small private airplane for 18 passengers took us from a military airfield to Targu Mures. You can see the participants on the attached photo. Many other regional courses followed. The first couple of courses were organized by our participants of the first EFNS Academy in 2000. The spirit of enthusiasm gave perfect triggers to Vitalie Lisnic, Yuri Alexeenko, Alexander Tsiskaridze and Alexander Sergeev to make very successful courses in their respective cities of Kisinau (2x), Vitebsk (2x), Tbilisi and Petrozavodsk. Our EFNS Management committee, presided that time by Jes Olesen, decided to support each of these courses by 20.000.- Euro. Attendees, usually around 150 - 300 persons, enjoyed lectures on 3 different neurological diseases in each course. The choice of topics was driven by local demands.


By Pavel Kalvach

Regional Teaching Courses in sub-Saharan Africa

This initiative is the fruitful cooperation of and hard work of Prof. Amadou Gallo Diop, Chair of the WFN Africa Committee (2008) and leading neurologist at the University of Dakar together with Prof. Jean-Michel Vallat, Chair of the EFNS Task Force “Neurology & Africa” (2008), from the University Hospital in Limoges, France. Together with Eveline Sipido from the EFFS Headoffice, who helped to organize the entire course, these Teaching courses became a great success from the early days.

Since the beginning these course are alternating between French speaking and an English speaking sub-Saharan Countries.

The Initiative is not only supported by EFNS and WFN, but also by several (changing) Neurological Associations and sub-specialty societies such as AAN, WHO, IBRO, MDS, WSO, ILAE, to name a few. The initiative started in 2008, with the first course held in Dakar, Senegal and many are to follow.

In 2012 Professor Erich Schmutzhard from the University Hospital in Innsbruck, Austria took over the EFNS part of the organsation for the RTCs in Africa.