Panel Submissions

Documents for Panel Submissions

The Scientific and Coordinating Panels are often referred to as the backbone of the European Academy of Neurology and they are crucial contributors to our mission to increase excellence in neurology.

The EAN offers a variety of ways in which these panels—each representing a subspecialty or professional issue in neurology—can keep the wider EAN membership up to date with their own areas of activity and relevant work within their respective fields. Panels and their members can make submissions in several categories, which have been recently updated to allow for a more user-friendly interface and encourage more contributions.
In case you have any questions, please contact communications(at)

Some forms will be available only for Co-Chairs.

Neurology Updates

Neurology Updates should be about a relevant scientific work recently published in the panel’s specific field, a summary of interesting papers, a comment on new guidelines, or discussion of a hot topic. They must be approved by both co-chairs of the respective panel. Submissions are encouraged throughout the year and panels are expected to submit a minimum of three Neurology Updates per year. The submissions are reviewed by the Website Editor.
Submissions must include:

  • Title
  • Authors ’ names and affiliations
  • Name of the Panel
  • 3-5 brief key points focusing on the main take-home messages of the work
  • Main text (max 250 words)
  • Short summary
  • References (max 3)

Web Page Submissions

Each Scientific and Coordinating Panel has its own page on the EAN website. Submissions can be made to propose information that should added to, removed from, or otherwise amended on those pages. In order to create a uniform layout as well as to ensure the Scientific and Coordinating Panel pages contain all the necessary information and are up to date, submissions will only be accepted via forms provided directly to the Co-Chairs. Note that this form will be available only for Co-Chairs of EAN Panels. The submissions are reviewed by the current Website Editor.

Example page

Resident’s Reading List

The aim of this section is to build a reading list of high-quality and up-to-date reviews on core neurology curriculum areas for readingacross Europe. The focus should be clinical and practical, to guide neurology trainees learning their trade in optimal standards of diagnosis, investigation, and management in daily clinical practice.

Please, note that this submission is open only to the Co-Chairs of Panels.

All suggested literature must be in English. Please suggest three reading items to submit the form!

Please note that the EAN cannot provide free access to reading material unless it is published in the European Journal of Neurology or open access.


Resident’s Reading List

Milestone Papers in Neurology

Co-Chairs of the EAN Scientific and Coordinating Panels may suggest what they consider to be Milestone Papers in Neurology, which will feature in an upcoming online Hall of Fame on the EAN website. The Milestone Papers in Neurology section will highlight those publications that have changed the way we think about, understand, diagnose or treat neurological diseases and conditions.

Please, note that this submission is available only to Co-Chairs.

To submit, you must enter at least one paper, including its DOI number or a link to the publication. Once submitted, your suggestion undergoes review. Please, note that your submission may be rejected.

Milestone Papers

Scales and Scores

The aim of this section is to build a database of validated scales and scores used in neurology, in English and other languages, on the EAN website. The database should provide access to the most commonly available and validated scales and scores for clinicians and researchers in the field of neurology.

This form will be available only for Co-Chairs of EAN Panels. The Co-Chairs must submit three entries of frequently used Scales and Scores from your respective field. 

Existing Scales and Scores