Election of Individual Delegates for 2022-2025

EAN Assembly of Delegates

Election of Individual Delegates for 2022-2025


The Assembly of delegates is the democratic heart of EAN and consists of

  • Delegates representing the 47 European National Neurological Societies, appointed by the Presidents of the National Societies. All countries have the same weight (1 delegate) irrespective of their population or number of neurologists. The nomination is done every 4 years.
  • Delegates representing the EAN Individual Members. They are elected for 4 years by the Full Individual Members & Fellows of EAN who entitled to elect the equal number of Delegates that are nominated by the National Societies, i.e. 47.


The Assembly meets once a year, usually on Saturday, during the annual EAN congress.
The Assembly of Delegates is responsible for the following tasks:

  1. Election of members of the Board of the EAN
  2. Amendments to the bylaws of the EAN
  3. Approval of the annual accounts of the EAN
  4. Endorsement of decisions made by the Board of the EAN presented to the Assembly of Delegates by the EAN Board
  5. Dissolution of the EAN

The current list of Delegates can be found here

Being a part of the Assembly of Delegates is an opportunity to play a direct part in determining the direction of EAN.
EAN Board urges every neurologist with a passion for the scientific future to consider standing for election.

Election 2022-2025

In 2022 Election of Individual Delegates, 47 Individual Delegates representing EAN Individual members will be elected.
In addition to this, 20 Delegates substitutes will be determined according to the number of votes received during the election (most votes after the 47 elected Delegates). In case a Delegate cannot attend the Assembly of Delegates, the Substitute steps in and attends the respective Assembly of Delegates.



Delegates elected to the Assembly of Delegates shall serve for a term of 4 years unless they decide to withdraw prior to the end of the full term. The full term shall be the period between two ordinary Assemblies of Delegates at the EAN annual congress. The full term starts with the Assembly of Delegates following the election, in June 2022, with the “last” Assembly being held in June 2025.

The chance to take on such a unique leadership position should not be missed! Apply now!

All  Full Members and Fellows of EAN (from EAN Member countries) are eligible to apply to be candidates, with the vote being held among the existing Full Members and Fellows of EAN, who come from EAN Member countries.
Applicants have to ensure to renew their 2022 Individual membership – renewal will open in Mid-November. Only those with a valid membership will be considered as eligible and included in the election.

EAN Board members must not act as Delegates.

Like all leaders of EAN the applicants shall complete an application form, which consists of 6 parts:

  1. Confirmation that they are EAN Full Members or Fellows of EAN.
  2. Contact details (Please note that applicants must be based in Europe).
  3. Information about the positions held within EAN (Board, Committee, Task Force, Panel(s) (leadership or membership),…)
  4. Information on their participation in the EAN annual congresses (either as speakers or participants, year to be specified)
  5. Proposed activities for the future
  6. Short CV (to be uploaded into the online form)

The application form must be completed, and the application documents submitted via an online form for your application to be processed. We advise to prepare or have on-hand the relevant information or documents to make it easier to fill out the form.

The deadline for submitting applications is Friday, 10 December 2021, 23:55 CET.

10 December




End of March

25 June 2022

Application deadline

Review of applications by the EAN Board 

Announcement of the candidates to the Full & FEAN members

Election (online, anonymous voting procedure)

Announcement of the results

Assembly of Delegates with the newly elected Individual Delegates


  • The HO will collect the applications and after the Board’s review organise an online secret ballot.
  • If less persons are nominated that needed, the former delegates, who agree, will automatically stand for election.
  • All EAN Full Members and Fellows of EAN (from EAN Member countries) are invited to vote, each Member will have the same number of votes to distribute as the number Delegates to be elected (47).
  • The voting will remain open for 2 weeks
  • The results will be announced officially to all candidates and Members that take part in the voting, in addition an article will be published in EAN Pages


Only EAN Full and Fellows of EAN in good standing, with valid 2022 membership, will be invited to vote. The membership renewal must be concluded by end of February 2022 at the latest.


The first meeting of the Assembly of Delegates will take place on June 25, 2022, at the annual congress Europe 2022, in Vienna. During this Assembly of Delegates, election of the EAN Board will be organised.

In addition, the Individual Delegates are invited to attend the EAN President’s Dinner, a networking event, held a day prior to the congress, on Friday, June 24, 2022.


Your EAN Individual membership expires on December 31, 2021.

It can be conveniently renewed in your MyEAN profile. Please proceed to your MyEAN account and click "membership" in the top navigation bar. 

You can settle your membership fee by credit card, bank transfer or PayPal. 

In case you have missed the deadline, and want to retain your benefits you can still renew your membership, as this is possible throughout the year.

The Chairman or President of each Full Institutional Member (European National Neurological Society) is responsible on behalf of their organisation for submission of a nomination form to the Board – the Society is entitled to nominate one Delegate. The nomination form shall include identification and a short form of CV of the nominee. Upon approval by the Board, which approval is not to be unreasonably withheld, the Board shall confirm appointment of the respective nominee as Delegate of the respective Full Institutional Member to the Assembly of Delegates.


  • Beginning of November: Presidents of National Societies will be asked to nominate delegates for the next 4 years.
  • January: deadline for sending names of delegates. 47 institutional delegates will be nominated
  • February: confirmation of appointment of the respective nominee by the Board

The Full Members (incl Fellows of EAN) shall be entitled to elect the number of Delegates to the Assembly of Delegates that equals the number of Delegates that can be nominated by the Full Institutional Members (European National Neurological Societies) – 47 Institutional Delegates (National Society Representatives) & 47 Individual Delegates (Individual Members’ Representatives)

The Full Members (incl Fellows of EAN) shall furthermore elect up to 20 Delegates Substitutes for temporary or permanent replacement. Delegate Substitutes are determined according to the number of votes received during the election. If any Delegate of Full Members is temporarily or permanently prevented from assuming tasks assigned to him all of his tasks shall be assigned to a Delegate Substitute. Any Delegate Substitute shall act as substitute of one Delegate to the Assembly of Delegates only and shall resign immediately after the reason for his appointment as Delegate Substitute has lapsed.

Election results

Download the list of elected Individual Delegates