EAN Congress 2024

Abstract submission record!

Stage now set for an incredible anniversary celebration in Helsinki.

Elections 2024

EAN Board Election 2024

Ready for a role in driving the EAN forward?
The call for nominations to the EAN Board is now open.


10 Years of the European Academy of Neurology

Join the festivities and explore a decade of neurological impact.

European Journal of Neurology

New European Strategic Research Agenda!

The EAN's new paper is a crucial step towards aligning research objectives across Europe.

Scientific Panels

Election results are in!

Newly Elected Scientific Panel Management Groups for 2024-2026.


International Insights

Explore diverse neurological perspectives with eanCampus

EAN Educational Events

EAN Congress 2023 Masterclass

Register now and take part in an in-depth discussion on key topics from EAN2023.

Brain Health

Brain Health Mission

Check out available resources on brain health and meet the Strategic Partners of the Brain Health Mission.

European Journal of Neurology

30 Years of Publications!

In addition to the 30-year anniversary celebration, our journal is also open access in 2024.

The Brain Prize 2024 is now open

Nominations for The Brain Prize 2024

Nominate your candidate for The Brain Prize!

EAN Guidelines

More than 300 Guidelines

One of our most important aims is to establish European standards of diagnosis, treatment, and care within the various subfields of neurology. The very heterogeneous nature of neurology in Europe means guidelines are needed not only to diagnose and treat neurological disorders, but also to organise certain aspects of neurology.

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Knowledge Distillery

COVID-19 in detail 

Dig into our repository of knowledge on Covid-19-related neurology research. Since the early days of the pandemic, the EAN Covid-19 Taskforce has been closely monitoring the scientific press and collating the most notable and useful studies. Our Knowledge Distillery bring all that information together in one place. Dive in!

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Neurology updates

244 articles out of 33 categories

Our Scientific Panels are a crucial aspect of the EAN, informing everything we do from a scientific point of view. Here you will find the most important recent news identified by our dedicated panel members, regularly updated and presented in subsections according to their respective topics. Happy browsing!

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