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European Academy of Neurology is committed to developing trustworthy guidelines, considering also perspective on priority topics, and thus ensuring that resources and attention are devoted to those areas in which clinical practice guidelines will provide the greatest benefit to patients, clinicians, and policy makers.

The Clinical practice guidelines, evidence-based recommendations, are considered as one of the most important pillars of EAN activities, a service provided to the European neurological community. This is a complex process that follows rigorous methodological standards and requires substantial time, effort and resources commitment. As the number of received proposals continues to rise, a need was identified for developing clear, transparent and methodologically solid prioritization criteria to ensure the above.

For this reason, the EAN Guideline Production Group responds with a well-defined prioritization process, approved by the Scientific Committee and the Board, which is officially being put in place as of 2022.

The final 7 approved criteria for ranking the priority of a guideline topic are (equal weight):

•      The health burden of the condition in the proposed topic

•      Impact on health outcomes (estimated positive impact of the guideline on morbidity, disability scores, mortality)

•      Potential for changing an existing practice

•      Practice variation (non-harmonized best-practices among the European countries)

•      Uncertainty or controversy about best practice (due to new evidence or lack of evidence)

•      Absence of a guideline

•      Pre-existing guidelines of low quality or outdated guidelines (The guideline is more than 5 years old/was not revised within the last 5 years or there is recent evidence that could change current clinical practice).

Submission until January 12, 2022

In line with the prioritization process, a survey is being launched and shared with EAN (Full, Resident, Fellows of EAN) members, National Societies, Partner Societies, and EFNA, to identify the needs within the neurological community – which guidelines are lacking and are of utmost importance to advance high-quality patient care.

You are herewith invited to participate in the call for topics until January 12, 2022.

Up tothree topics can be submitted, where you or your Society would see the need for a clinical practice guideline to be developed in the next couple of years. The guideline topics should be specific enough, in order to provide insight on the specific scope of the potential guideline. For example: “Guideline on disease modifying treatment in adults with multiple sclerosis”, but not “Guideline on multiple sclerosis”.

Collaboration with subspecialty societies is welcomed and will be considered based on the topic.

Please consult the list with EAN guidelines that are currently in pipeline and consider also in case a similar topic has been recently covered by a subspecialty society, or the EAN itself, or if an already existing guideline needs to be updated.

Based on the received suggestions, the EAN decides on the next projects (according to the prioritization criteria and the outlined process), will allocate the resources and open a call for specific projects – those who are invited to participate in this survey can subsequently take part in the projects and become actively involved.

Before submitting a topic on the online form, you may preview the list of questions in the form so that you can prepare the required information beforehand.

Call for Topics - List of Questions

  • Name of contributor
  • Contact email
  • On behalf of (EAN Scientific Panel/National Society/Partner Society)
  • Are you an EAN individual member?
  • Are you a member of an EAN Scientific Panel? (If yes, which?)
  • How many topics do you wish to submit? (1-3 Topics)

For every topic you will submit, you will be required to provide the following information:

  • Guideline Topic Title
  • Sub-specialty
  • Please add the type of patients involved
  • Is this guideline about: (Therapy/diagnosis/prognosis/all of the above)
  • Please provide the rationale and any other evidence for proposing this guidelines topic
  • Would you be interested/willing to join the Task Force if the project is selected?

Questions or Concerns?

Please contact EAN Scientific Department at scientific(at)