Webcasts of the RTC in Moscow, Russia 2021 Virtual

Day 1: Headache

April 15, 2021

Morning lectures

Prof. Stefan Evers (Germany) 
Prof. Vera Osipova (Russia)  
Assoc. prof. Veronika Golovacheva (Russia) 

Prof. Stefan Evers (Germany)

Medication overuse headache 
Prof. Zaza Katsarava (Germany) 

Tension-Type headache 
Prof. Jensen Rigmor (Denmark) 

Vascular headache 
Assoc. prof. Veronika Golovacheva (Russia) 

Afternoon workshops 

How to treat migraine
Dr. Alexei Sergeev (Russia)

Management of tension-type headache
Prof. Vera Osipova (Russia)

Enigma of trigeminal autonomic cephalgia 
Dr. Yulia Azimova (Russia)  


Day 2: Cognition

April 16, 2021

Morning lectures

Dr. Kristian Frederiksen (Denmark) 
Assoc. Prof. Mikhail Poluektov (Russia) 

Vascular cognitive impairment 
Dr. Kristian Frederiksen (Denmark) 

MCI and Alzheimer’s disease 
Prof. Irena Rektoriva (Czech Republic) 

Meet the professor session  
Prof. Claudio Bassetti (Switzerland) 

Young scientists symposium  

Prof. Vladimir Parfenov (Russia)  
Dr. Kristian Frederiksen (Denmark)

Diagnostic approaches for cryptogenic stroke: the experience of comprehensive stroke center in Russia 
Kulesh Alexey (Russia, Perm) 

New approaches in diagnostics of disorders of consciousness 
Legostaeva Liudmila (Russia, Moscow) 

Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of internet-based cognitive-behavioral therapy for insomnia in clinical settings 
Pchelina Polina (Russia, Moscow) 

Early electrophysiological and pathomorphological changes in the acute period of traumatic brain injury: a translational study of the mechanisms of epileptogenesis. 
Komoltsev Ilia (Russia, Moscow) 

Multiple sclerosis 
Spirina Natalia (Russia, Yaroslavl) 

Epileptiform activity index for assessing oxcarbazepin therapy of newly-diagnosed focal epilepsy in adolescents and adults 
Azhigova Asya (Russia, Moscow) 

RRFS Lecture by young neurologists 
Dr. Nina Vaschenko 

Poststroke cognitive disorders 
Prof. Vladimir Zakharov (Russia) 


Day 3: Sleep disorders

April 17, 2021

Morning lectures

Prof. Luigi Ferini-Strambi (Italy) 
Assoc. Prof. Mikhail Poluektov (Russia) 

Sleep and neurodegeneration   
Prof. Claudio Bassetti (Switzerland) 

Paroxismal conditions during sleep    
Prof. Luigi Ferini-Strambi (Italy)     

The link between headache, cognition and sleep  
Dr. Rolf Fronczek (The Netherlands) 

Insomnia disorder 
Assoc. Prof. Mikhail Poluektov (Russia)