This Scientific Panel on Pain is dedicated to promote knowledge on the pathophysiology and treatment of neuropathic pain. Specific aims are to give young neurologists adequate training in the field of pain, which is a subject often neglected in general neurological training. In recent years, European guidelines on the assessment and management of neuropathic pain have been developed by task forces derived from the panel, which are now included in the European Handbook of Neurological Management.

One of the aims is to establish a European network of laboratories and clinics for training in the specialty of neurological pain management, where neurologists in training will get first hand teaching and education in specific diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. If you are interested in the field of neuropathic pain and would like to contribute to the work of the Scientific Panel please contact the chairpersons.

Management Group

Rakusa, Martin


Rakusa, Martin (Prof. Dr.)
Maribor, Slovenia
Truini, Andrea


Truini, Andrea (MD)
Roma, Italy
Eisenberg, Elon

Management Group Member

Eisenberg, Elon (MD, Prof)
Tudor, Katarina

Management Group Member

Tudor, Katarina (MD)
Zagreb, Croatia
Vashchenko, Nina

RRFS Representative

Vashchenko, Nina (MD)
Moscow, Russian Federation

Individual panel members

Attal, Nadine
Attal, Nadine (MD)
Boulogne-Billancourt, France
Bermejo Velasco, Pedro Emilio
Bermejo Velasco, Pedro Emilio (MD, PhD)
Leganes, Spain
Donadio, Vincenzo
Donadio, Vincenzo (Dr)
Bologna, Italy
Ehler, Edvard (MD, Prof)
Pardubice, Czech Republic
Ray Chaudhuri, K
Ray Chaudhuri, K
London, United Kingdom
Sava, Simona Liliana
Sava, Simona Liliana
Liège, Belgium
Suprun, Valeryia
Suprun, Valeryia (MD)
Minsk, Belarus
Valls-Sole, Josep
Valls-Sole, Josep (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Barcelona, Spain
Voltz, Raymond
Voltz, Raymond (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Cologne, Germany

RRFS Member

Lejeune, Nicolas
Ottignies, Belgium
Marchenko, Yelena
Marchenko, Yelena (MD)
Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation
Vigneri, Simone
Vigneri, Simone (MD, PhD)
Occhiobello, Italy

Partner Society Representatives

Eisenberg, Elon

Management Group Member

Eisenberg, Elon (MD, Prof)

Patient Representative

Cursaru, Viorica

Patient representative

Cursaru, Viorica
Bucharest, Romania

Institutional panel members

Abreu, Pedro (Dr)
Porto, Portugal
Asan, Livia
Asan, Livia
Heidelberg, Germany
Bednarik, Josef
Bednarik, Josef (MD, Prof, FEAN, FCMA)
Brno-Bohunice, Czech Republic
Bennett, David
Bennett, David (MD)
Bermejo Velasco, Pedro Emilio
Bermejo Velasco, Pedro Emilio (MD, PhD)
Leganes, Spain
Bogdanova, Dessislava
Bogdanova, Dessislava (MD, Prof)
Sofia, Bulgaria
Eross, Lorand G.
Eross, Lorand G. (Lorand1)
Budapest, Hungary
Gantenbein, Andreas
Gantenbein, Andreas
Bad Zurzach, Switzerland
Gil-Gouveia, Raquel
Gil-Gouveia, Raquel (MD, PhD)
Oeiras, Portugal
Inan, Levent Ertugrul
Inan, Levent Ertugrul (AssProf)
Ankara, Turkey
Jancic, Ervin
Jancic, Ervin (MD, PhD, Ass. Prof.)
Karlovac, Croatia
Jensen, Troels Staehelin
Jensen, Troels Staehelin (MD, Prof)
Arhus, Denmark
Kamenova, Saltanat
Kamenova, Saltanat (MD, Prof)
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Komoly, Sámuel
Komoly, Sámuel (MD, Prof)
Pécs, Hungary
Leis, Stefan
Leis, Stefan
Salzburg, Austria
Lenola, Davide
Lenola, Davide
Latina, Italy
Logina, Inara
Logina, Inara (professor)
Riga, Latvia
Martic, Vesna V.
Martic, Vesna V. (MD)
Belgrade, Serbia
Mishchenko, Vladyslav M.
Mishchenko, Vladyslav M. (Assoc.Prof., MD, PhD, DMSc)
Kharkiv, Ukraine
Mitrovic, Nenad
Mitrovic, Nenad (MD)
Vöcklabruck, Austria
Mitsikostas, Dimos-Dimitrios
Mitsikostas, Dimos-Dimitrios (MD, PhD, Assoc Prof, FEAN)
Athens, Greece
Parfenov, Vladimir
Parfenov, Vladimir (MD)
Moscow, Russian Federation
Pohl, Heiko
Pohl, Heiko (Dr.)
Zürich, Switzerland
Popșoi, Diana
Popșoi, Diana (MD)
Chisinau, Moldova
Racasan, Dana-Florina
Racasan, Dana-Florina (Neurologist)
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Rajdová, Aneta
Rajdová, Aneta (MD)
Rajić, Sonja
Rajić, Sonja (MD)
Novi Sad, Serbia
Sangheli, Marina
Sangheli, Marina (MD, PhD)
Chisinau, Moldova
Sciupokas, Arunas
Sciupokas, Arunas (MD, Prof)
Kaunas, Lithuania
Sommer, Claudia
Sommer, Claudia (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Würzburg, Germany
Yakhno, Nikolay N.
Yakhno, Nikolay N. (MD, Prof)
Russian Federation
Yarnitsky, David
Yarnitsky, David (MD)
Haifa, Israel
Zivanovic, Zeljko
Zivanovic, Zeljko (Assistant Professor)
Novi Sad, Serbia
Zvaune, Linda
Zvaune, Linda
Katlakalns, Latvia