Neuro-oncology is an important and developing field of neurology, that primarily deals with diagnosis and treatment of both primary brain tumors and complications of systemic cancer. Other topics of interest and research are molecular genetics, paraneoplastic diseases, epilepsy and neurotoxicity (both central and peripheral).

The EAN Scientific Panel on Neuro-oncology is contributing to implement Neuro-oncology within European Neurology, with particular attention paid in the last years to the new EU countries.

A link has been established with the Section of Neuro-oncology of the American Academy of Neurology (AAN), in order to improve the cooperation between Europe and US, regarding educational and organisational items. When in 2005 Neuro-oncology has been recognized as a subspecialty of neurology in US, a curriculum for Neuro-oncology has been developed, and this item is currently discussed in Europe. Due to the fact that Neuro-oncology is strongly multidisciplinary, contacts for future cooperation are being developed with the European Association for Neuro-Onocology (EANO).

The role of the neuro-oncologist in neurology has been the subject of a position paper: Grisold W, Heimans JJ, Postma TJ, Grant R, Soffietti R, and the Neuro-Oncology Panel of the EFNS, The position of the neurologist in Neuro-Oncology (CME-article), European Journal of Neurology 2002; 9:201-205

The Neuro-Oncology Panel has set up Task Forces to draw Guidelines in different specific topics. Up to date 4 Guidelines have been published:

"Management of paraneoplastic neurological syndromes: report of an EFNS Task Force (C. A. Vedeler et al.; European Handbook of Neurological Management: Volume 1, 2nd edition. Edited by N. E. Gilhus, M. P. Barnes and M. Brainin. © 2011 Blackwell Publishing Ltd.) 

"FNS Guidelines on diagnosis and treatment of brain metastases: report of an EFNS Task Force (R. Soffietti et al.; European Handbook of Neurological Management: Volume 1, 2nd edition. Edited by N. E. Gilhus, M. P. Barnes and M. Brainin. © 2011 Blackwell Publishing Ltd.)

"Guidelines on management of low-grade gliomas: report of an EFNS-EANO Task Force (Soffietti R et al, European Journal of Neurology 2010; 17:1124-1133)

"Screening for tumours in paraneoplastic syndromes: report of an EFNS task force (Titulaer MJ, Soffietti R, et al. European Journal of Neurology 2011; 18:19-e3)

The EAN Subspecialty Scientific Panel on Neuro-oncology promotes Symposia and/or Teaching Courses and/or Focused Workshops at annual EAN meetings.

Management Group

Carpentier, Antoine


Carpentier, Antoine (MD, Prof)
Bobigny, France
Rudà, Roberta


Rudà, Roberta (MD)
Torino, Italy
Berzero, Giulia

Management Group Member

Berzero, Giulia
Milano, Italy
Esparragosa, Ines

RRFS Representative

Esparragosa, Ines
Bron, France
Muntean, Maria-Lucia

Management Group Member

Muntean, Maria-Lucia (MD, PhD)
Kassel, Germany
Soffietti, Riccardo

EANO representative

Soffietti, Riccardo (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Torino, Italy
Vogrig, Alberto

Management Group Member

Vogrig, Alberto (MD, PhD)
Udine, Italy

Individual panel members

Grisold, Wolfgang
Grisold, Wolfgang (MD, Prof)
Vienna, Austria
Pellerino, Alessia
Pellerino, Alessia (M.D. , Ph.D.)
Torino, Italy
Picca, Alberto
Picca, Alberto
Paris, France
Soffietti, Riccardo
Soffietti, Riccardo (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Torino, Italy
Voltz, Raymond
Voltz, Raymond (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Cologne, Germany

RRFS Member

Bruno, Francesco
Bruno, Francesco
Turin, Italy
Cabreira, Verónica
Cabreira, Verónica (Dr)
EDINBURGH, United Kingdom
Cavallieri, Francesco
Cavallieri, Francesco (MD)
Reggio Emilia, Italy
Marchenko, Yelena
Marchenko, Yelena (Doctor)
Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation
Muñiz Castrillo, Sergio
Muñiz Castrillo, Sergio
Stanford, United States
Vilaseca Jolonch, Andreu
Tarragona, Spain

Partner Society Representatives

EPNS representative

Yalnizoglu, Dilek
Ankara, Turkey
Soffietti, Riccardo

EANO representative

Soffietti, Riccardo (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Torino, Italy

Patient Representative

Institutional panel members

Albuquerque, Luisa
Albuquerque, Luisa (MD)
Lisbon, Portugal
Back, Claude
Back, Claude (MD)
Dudelange, Luxembourg
Bognar, Laszlo
Bognar, Laszlo
Czyzycki, Mateusz
Krakow, Poland
Ducray, François
Ducray, François (MD)
Lyon, France
Ferlini, Lorenzo
Ferlini, Lorenzo (Md)
Brussels, Belgium
Flannery, Tom
Flannery, Tom
Belfast, Ireland
Gallego Perez de Larraya, Jaime
Gallego Perez de Larraya, Jaime
Pamplona, Spain
Garcez, Daniela
Garcez, Daniela
Amadora, Portugal
Grosu, Oxana
Grosu, Oxana (MD)
Chisinau, Moldova
Gündüz, Tuncay
Gündüz, Tuncay (Mr.)
Istanbul - Capa, Turkey
Kaprelyan, Ara
Kaprelyan, Ara (MD, Assoc Prof)
Varna, Bulgaria
Kiritsis, Athanasios
Kiritsis, Athanasios (MD, Prof)
Kouwenhoven, Mathilde
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Lepic, Toplica
Lepic, Toplica (MD)
Belgrade, Serbia
Leupold, Daniela
Leupold, Daniela (MD)
St. Gallen, Switzerland
Litauniece, Zane Anna
Litauniece, Zane Anna
Mameniskiene, Ruta
Mameniskiene, Ruta (Professor)
Vilnius, Lithuania
Markova, Jolana
Markova, Jolana (MD, FEAN)
Prague, Czech Republic
Michalak, Slawomir
Michalak, Slawomir (Dr)
Poznan, Poland
Nacu, Gabriela
Nacu, Gabriela (MD)
Chisinau, Moldova
Niculescu, Anca Maria
Niculescu, Anca Maria
Bucharest, Romania
Nistor, Raluca
Nistor, Raluca (MD)
Bucharest, Romania
Nowosielski, Martha
Nowosielski, Martha (MD PhD)
Innsbruck, Austria
Oberndorfer, Stefan
Oberndorfer, Stefan (FEAN)
St. Pölten, Austria
Ozola, Agnese
Ozola, Agnese (Dr.)
Platten, Michael
Platten, Michael (Prof.)
Mannheim, Germany
Polívka, Jiří
Polívka, Jiří (MD, Prof)
Plzen, Czech Republic
Rimsiene, Juste
Rimsiene, Juste
Vilnius, Lithuania
Severinsen, Kaare
Severinsen, Kaare (MD)
Sferruzza, Giacomo
Sferruzza, Giacomo (Dr)
Milan, Italy
Shanko, Yuri G.
Shanko, Yuri G. (MD, Prof)
Minsk, Belarus
Siegal, Tali
Siegal, Tali (MD, Prof)
Jerusalem, Israel
silvani, antonio
silvani, antonio (dr)
Milan, Italy
Stojanov, Aleksandar
Stojanov, Aleksandar (MD)
Nis, Serbia
Storstein, Anette
Storstein, Anette (MD PhD)
Bergen, Norway
Touat, Medhi
Touat, Medhi
Paris, France
Tüzün, Erdem
Tüzün, Erdem (MD)
Istanbul, Turkey
Weller, Michael
Weller, Michael (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Zurich, Switzerland
Wick, Wolfgang
Wick, Wolfgang (MD, Prof)
Heidelberg, Germany