Muscle and NMJ disorders

In light of the foundation of the European Academy of Neurology in June 2014, this EFNS Scientist Panel and ENS Sub-committee have already merged and are fulfilling their tasks together.


  • Development of Guidelines relating to muscle disorders.
  • To organise Main Topics, Focused Workshops and Teaching Courses for the annual Congress.
  • To support any European initiatives to improve the diagnosis or management of myopathies.

Management Group

Molnar, Maria J.


Molnar, Maria J. (Prof.)
Budapest, Hungary
Siciliano, Gabriele


Siciliano, Gabriele (MD, Prof)
Pisa, Italy
Dubuisson, Nicolas
Dubuisson, Nicolas (MD)
London, United Kingdom
Schoser, Benedikt
Schoser, Benedikt (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Munich, Germany
Toscano, Antonio
Toscano, Antonio (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Messina, Italy

Individual panel members

Angelini, Corrado
Angelini, Corrado (MD, Prof)
Noventa Padovana, Italy
Barca, Emanuele
Barca, Emanuele (MD)
Messina, Italy
Bohotin, Valentin
Bohotin, Valentin (MD)
Le Coudray, France
Bouchard, Jean-Pierre L.
Bouchard, Jean-Pierre L. (MD, Prof)
Québec, Canada
De Bleecker, Jan
De Bleecker, Jan (MD, Prof)
Gent, Belgium
Desnuelle, Claude
Desnuelle, Claude (Prof, MD PhD)
Galassi, Giuliana
Galassi, Giuliana (MD,Prof)
Modena, Italy
Köhler, Wolfgang
Köhler, Wolfgang (MD)
Leipzig, Germany
Liguori, Rocco
Liguori, Rocco (MD, Prof)
Bologna, Italy
Maggi, Lorenzo
Maggi, Lorenzo
Milano, Italy
Montagnese, Federica
Montagnese, Federica (MD)
Munich, Germany
Peric, Stojan Z.
Peric, Stojan Z. (MD)
Belgrade, Serbia
Reichmann, Heinz
Reichmann, Heinz (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Dresden, Germany
Toyka, Klaus Viktor (MD, Prof)
Würzburg, Germany

RRFS Representative

Bârsan, Ioana-Cristina
Bârsan, Ioana-Cristina (Doctor)
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Di Stefano, Vincenzo
Di Stefano, Vincenzo (MD)
Palermo, Italy
Gavriilaki, Maria
Gavriilaki, Maria (MD, MSc)
GREECE, Greece
Ilina, Kseniia
Ilina, Kseniia
Moscow, Russian Federation
Ng, Yi Shiau
Ng, Yi Shiau (Dr)
Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Lugano, Switzerland
Yunisova, Gulshan
Yunisova, Gulshan
Istanbul, Turkey

Institutional panel members

Abramidis, Theodoros
Abramidis, Theodoros
Apostolski, Slobodan
Apostolski, Slobodan (MD, Prof)
Belgrade, Serbia
Argov, Zohar
Argov, Zohar (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Jerusalem, Israel
Bilic, Ivica
Bilic, Ivica (MD, PhD)
Split, Croatia
Buneviciute, Ramune
Buneviciute, Ramune
Vilnius, Lithuania
Cetin, Hakan
Cetin, Hakan (Dr)
Vienna, Austria
Claeys, Kristl
Claeys, Kristl (MD, PhD, Prof, FEAN)
Leuven, Belgium
Cuciureanu, Dan Iulian
Cuciureanu, Dan Iulian (MD, PhD, Assoc. Prof)
Iasi, Romania
de Visser, Marianne
de Visser, Marianne (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Fekete, Klara
Fekete, Klara (MD)
Debrecen, Hungary
Gavriliuc, Eugeniu
Gavriliuc, Eugeniu (PhD)
Chisinau, Moldova
Glazere, Ieva
Glazere, Ieva (MD)
Riga, Latvia
Hanna, Michael G.
Hanna, Michael G. (MD)
London, United Kingdom
Horak, Tomas
Horak, Tomas (MD)
Brno, Czech Republic
Žitnik, Eva
Žitnik, Eva
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Kenina, Viktorija
Kenina, Viktorija (Dr.)
Klimasauskiene, Ausra
Klimasauskiene, Ausra (MD, PhD)
Vilnius, Lithuania
Knauss, Samuel
Knauss, Samuel
Berlin, Germany
Kostera-Pruszczyk, Anna
Kostera-Pruszczyk, Anna (MD)
Warsaw, Poland
Kyriakides, Theodoros
Kyriakides, Theodoros (MD, Professor)
Nicosia, Cyprus
Laforet, Pascal
Laforet, Pascal (MD, PhD)
Garches, France
Lavrnic, Dragana
Lavrnic, Dragana (MD, Prof)
Belgrade, Serbia
Leonardis, Lea
Leonardis, Lea (MD, PhD)
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Markvardsen, Lars Hoj
Markvardsen, Lars Hoj (MD)
ֵAarhus, Denmark
Oloeri, Mihail
Oloeri, Mihail (MD)
Chisinau, Moldova
Parman, Yesim
Parman, Yesim (MD, Prof)
Istanbul, Turkey
Pesovic, Jovan
Pesovic, Jovan
Pfund, Zoltán
Pfund, Zoltán (MD)
Pécs, Hungary
Potulska-Swidrowska, Anna
Potulska-Swidrowska, Anna
Warsaw, Poland
Sabre, Liis
Sabre, Liis (Dr)
Tartu, Estonia
Scheidegger, Olivier
Scheidegger, Olivier (Dr.)
Berne, Switzerland
Schoser, Benedikt
Schoser, Benedikt (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Munich, Germany
Schreiner, Bettina
Schreiner, Bettina
Shatillo, Andrey
Shatillo, Andrey (MD)
Kharkiv, Ukraine
Spalek, Peter
Spalek, Peter (MD, PhD, Assoc Prof)
Stojkovic, Tanya
Stojkovic, Tanya
Tournev, Ivailo
Tournev, Ivailo (MD, Prof)
Vissing, John
Vissing, John (MD, DMSci)
Copenhagen, Denmark
Vivekanandam, Vinojini
Vivekanandam, Vinojini (MD)
United Kingdom
Voháňka, Stanislav
Voháňka, Stanislav (Dr.)
Brno, Czech Republic
Vohanka, Stanislav
Vohanka, Stanislav (MD)
Brno, Czech Republic
Wanschitz, Julia
Wanschitz, Julia (MD)