There is an increasing awareness in many countries that headache constitutes a major public health problem. The one-year prevalence rate for headache and migraine adults is around 50 % with a life-time prevalence of more than 90 %. Migraine is the most prevalent neurological disorder with more than 50 million sufferers in Europe. Severe migraine is ranked in the highest disability class and the estimated cost of migraine is € 27 billion per year in Europe. Headache is an important and developing field of neurology that deals with all aspects of diagnosis, treatment and public health related to headache. The EAN Scientific Panel on Headache is dedicated to coordinate headache research and treatment guidelines within the neurological societies in Europe.

The main objective of the EAN Scientific Panel on Headache is to:

  • promote knowledge on the pathophysiology and treatment of headaches.
  • increase awareness of headaches in the medical community and in the public.

The EAN Scientific Panel on Headache will address European consensus for:

  • A synopsis of the national treatment recommendations for idiopathic headache disorders in Europe.
  • The treatment of headaches with botulinum toxin.
  • Revision and updates on guidelines for the management of migraine; management of chronic daily headache; management of cluster headache; management of trigeminal neuralgia and the standard of care in headache medicine including headache clinics.
  • Awareness and management of medication overuse.

For any information, questions, and suggestions please contact the chairperson or her secretary.

Management Group

Irimia, Pablo


Irimia, Pablo
Pamplona, Spain
Mitsikostas, Dimos-Dimitrios

Panel Member (Institution)

Mitsikostas, Dimos-Dimitrios
Athens, Greece
Gil-Gouveia, Raquel

Management Group Member

Gil-Gouveia, Raquel
Oeiras, Portugal
Lampl, Christian

Management Group Member

Lampl, Christian
Linz, Austria
Osipova, Vera

Management Group Member

Osipova, Vera
Moscow, Russian Federation
Puledda, Francesca

RRFS Representative

Puledda, Francesca
London, United Kingdom
Schankin, Christoph

Management Group Member

Schankin, Christoph
Bern, Switzerland
Schytz, Henrik Winther

Management Group Member

Schytz, Henrik Winther
Glostrup, Denmark

Individual panel members

Abdellatif Elelwany, Doaa
Abdellatif Elelwany, Doaa
Cairo, Egypt
Andreou, Anna
Andreou, Anna
London, United Kingdom
Ashina, Messoud
Ashina, Messoud
Glostrup, Denmark
Çelebisoy, Neşe
Çelebisoy, Neşe
İzmir, Turkey
Chabriat, Hugues
Chabriat, Hugues
Paris, France
Demarin, Vida
Demarin, Vida
Zagreb, Croatia
Elpenoria, Kjanda
Elpenoria, Kjanda
Tirana, Albania
Elsherif, Mohammed
Elsherif, Mohammed
Mansoura, Egypt
Evers, Stefan
Evers, Stefan
Münster, Germany
Fronczek, Rolf
Fronczek, Rolf
Leiden, The Netherlands
García Azorín, David
García Azorín, David
Valladolid, Spain
Grosu, Oxana
Grosu, Oxana
Chisinau, Moldova
Guerrero Peral, Angel Luis
Guerrero Peral, Angel Luis
Valladolid, Spain
Harizi (Shemsi), Edlira
Harizi (Shemsi), Edlira
Durres, Albania
Ivashynka, Andrei
Ivashynka, Andrei
Milan, Italy
Janculjak, Davor
Janculjak, Davor
Osijek, Croatia
Kruja, Jera
Kruja, Jera
Tirana, Albania
Lampl, Christian
Lampl, Christian
Linz, Austria
Lebedeva, Elena
Lebedeva, Elena
Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation
Mosa, Ahmed
Mosa, Ahmed
Mansoura, Egypt
Olesen, Jes
Olesen, Jes
Glostrup/Copenhagen, Denmark
Pensato, Umberto
Pensato, Umberto
Milano, Italy
Porta-Etessam, Jesús
Porta-Etessam, Jesús
Madrid, Spain
Pozo-Rosich, Patricia
Pozo-Rosich, Patricia
Barcelona, Spain
Rocca, Maria Assunta
Rocca, Maria Assunta
Milano, Italy
Roceanu, Adina Maria
Roceanu, Adina Maria
Rraklli, Ereida
Rraklli, Ereida
Tirana, Albania
Sacarescu, Alina
Sacarescu, Alina
Iasi, Romania
Siva, Aksel
Siva, Aksel
Istanbul, Turkey
Tigkas, Dimitris
Tigkas, Dimitris
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Turk, Bengi Gul
Turk, Bengi Gul
Istanbul, Turkey
Van Dycke, Annelies
Van Dycke, Annelies
Brugge, Belgium
Vashchenko, Nina
Vashchenko, Nina
Copenhagen, Denmark
Vereshchak, Mariana
Vereshchak, Mariana
Lviv, Ukraine
Voloshyn-Haponov, Ivan
Voloshyn-Haponov, Ivan
Kharkiv, Ukraine
Yemisci, Muge
Yemisci, Muge
Ankara, Turkey

RRFS Member

Abed, Elsayed
Abed, Elsayed
Cairo, Egypt
Agastra, Aida
Agastra, Aida
KORCE, Albania
Alis, Ceren
Alis, Ceren
Istanbul, Turkey
Braca, Simone
Braca, Simone
Napoli, Italy
Bratu, Ionut-Flavius
Bratu, Ionut-Flavius
Bucharest, Romania
Caronna, Edoardo
Caronna, Edoardo
Barcelona, Spain
Chiriac, Maria Alexandra
Chiriac, Maria Alexandra
Iasi, Romania
Ciopleias, Bogdan
Ciopleias, Bogdan
Braşov, Romania
Demea, Anca-Diana
Demea, Anca-Diana
Cluj Napoca, Romania
Dominguez Moreno, Rogelio
Dominguez Moreno, Rogelio
Glostrup, Denmark
Dono, Fedele
Dono, Fedele
Chieti, Italy
Gonzalez Martinez, Alicia
Gonzalez Martinez, Alicia
Madrid, Spain
Kholodova, Margarita
Kholodova, Margarita
Kyiv, Ukraine
Laterza, Vincenzo
Laterza, Vincenzo
Altamura, Italy
Malikova, Shahla
Malikova, Shahla
Baku, Azerbaijan
Marchenko, Yelena
Marchenko, Yelena
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Marsico, Oreste
Marsico, Oreste
Catanzaro, Italy
Mavridis, Theodoros
Mavridis, Theodoros
Athens, Greece
Messina, Roberta
Messina, Roberta
Milan, Italy
Montisano, Danilo Antonio
Montisano, Danilo Antonio
Milano, Italy
Pane, Chiara
Pane, Chiara
naples, Italy
Paolucci, Matteo
Paolucci, Matteo
Bologna, Italy
Pascazio, Alessia
Pascazio, Alessia
Pisa, Italy
Penkina, Anna
Penkina, Anna
Moscow, Russian Federation
Romozzi, Marina
Romozzi, Marina
assisi, Italy
Russo, Mirella
Russo, Mirella
Pescara, Italy
Saghir, Khadija
Saghir, Khadija
AGADIR, Morocco
Soares, Mafalda
Soares, Mafalda
Lisboa, Portugal
Sodero, Alessandro
Sodero, Alessandro
Florence, Italy
Szewczyk, Anna
Szewczyk, Anna
Lublin, Poland
Talavera De La Esperanza, Blanca
Talavera De La Esperanza, Blanca
Houston, United States
Tseriotis, Vasilis-Spyridon
Tseriotis, Vasilis-Spyridon
Thessaloniki, Greece
Uzhakhov, Alikhan
Uzhakhov, Alikhan
Astana, Kazakhstan
Vashchenko, Nina
Vashchenko, Nina
Copenhagen, Denmark
Vigneri, Simone
Vigneri, Simone
Occhiobello, Italy
Zhubi, Esra
Zhubi, Esra
Prishtina, Kosovo, Albania

Student Member

Gutic, Faruk
Gutic, Faruk
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Kayode, Ayomide
Kayode, Ayomide
Ogbomoso, Nigeria
Porfirio Correia, Vitor
Porfirio Correia, Vitor
Ipatinga, Brazil

Partner Society Representatives

Roxas Jr., Artemio

AOAN Representative

Roxas Jr., Artemio
Manila, Philippines

Patient Representative

Ruiz La Torre, Elena

Patient representative

Ruiz La Torre, Elena
Valencia, Spain

Institutional panel members

Amin, Faisal Mohammad
Amin, Faisal Mohammad
Glostrup, Denmark
Artto, Ville
Artto, Ville
Helsiniki, Finland
Baykan Baykal, Betül
Baykan Baykal, Betül
Istanbul, Turkey
Belvís Nieto, Roberto
Belvís Nieto, Roberto
Braschinsky, Mark
Braschinsky, Mark
Tartu, Estonia
Charnukha, Tatsiana
Charnukha, Tatsiana
Minsk, Belarus
Daniel, Oved
Daniel, Oved
Pardesiya, Israel
Deligianni, Christina
Deligianni, Christina
Athens, Greece
Dolezil, David
Dolezil, David
Prague 10, Czech Republic
Donnet, Anne
Donnet, Anne
Dudzic, Małgorzata
Dudzic, Małgorzata
Poznan, Poland
Řehulka, Pavel
Řehulka, Pavel
Brno, Czech Republic
Eppinger, Sebastian
Eppinger, Sebastian
Graz, Austria
Fabjan, Andrej
Fabjan, Andrej
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Fernandes, Catarina
Fernandes, Catarina
Coimbra, Portugal
Förderreuther, Stefanie
Förderreuther, Stefanie
Munich, Germany
Freimane, Aija
Freimane, Aija
Valmiera, Latvia
Hleb, Volha
Hleb, Volha
Minsk, Belarus
Hojland Jensen, Rigmor
Hojland Jensen, Rigmor
Glostrup, Denmark
Huber, Frank
Huber, Frank
Ettelbruck, Luxembourg
Janculjak, Davor
Janculjak, Davor
Osijek, Croatia
Karli, H. Necdet
Karli, H. Necdet
Bursa, Turkey
Kondybayeva, Aida
Kondybayeva, Aida
Amaty, Kazakhstan
Kristoffersen, Espen Saxhaug
Kristoffersen, Espen Saxhaug
Lørenskog, Norway
Leahu, Pavel
Leahu, Pavel
Chisinau, Moldova
Luzeiro, Isabel
Luzeiro, Isabel
Maretta, Milan
Maretta, Milan
Košice, Slovakia
Martinelli, Daniele
Martinelli, Daniele
Pavia, Italy
Meksa, Liga
Meksa, Liga
Riga, Latvia
Milanov, Ivan
Milanov, Ivan
Sofia, Bulgaria
Mitsikostas, Dimos-Dimitrios
Mitsikostas, Dimos-Dimitrios
Athens, Greece
Nagy, Ferenc
Nagy, Ferenc
Kaposvár, Hungary
Nežádal, Tomáš
Nežádal, Tomáš
Prague, Czech Republic
Negrila, Anca
Negrila, Anca
Ramnicu Vlacea, Romania
Odobescu, Stela
Odobescu, Stela
Chisinau, Moldova
Osipova, Vera
Osipova, Vera
Moscow, Russian Federation
Payenok, Anzhelika
Payenok, Anzhelika
Lviv, Ukraine
Pelzer, Nadine
Pelzer, Nadine
Leiden, The Netherlands
Pohl, Heiko
Pohl, Heiko
Zürich, Switzerland
Pouyiouros, Costas
Pouyiouros, Costas
Radojicic, Aleksandra
Radojicic, Aleksandra
Belgrade, Serbia
Roceanu, Adina Maria
Roceanu, Adina Maria
Russo, Antonio
Russo, Antonio
Naples, Italy
Ryliskiene, Kristina
Ryliskiene, Kristina
Vilnius, Lithuania
Sandor, Peter
Sandor, Peter
Baden, Switzerland
Stepien, Adam
Stepien, Adam
Warszawa, Poland
Tajti, Janos
Tajti, Janos
Szeged, Hungary
Terwindt, Gisela
Terwindt, Gisela
Leiden, The Netherlands
Tronvik, Erling Andreas
Tronvik, Erling Andreas
Buvika, Norway
Vainauskiene, Jurgita
Vainauskiene, Jurgita
Vilnius, Lithuania
Valkovic, Peter
Valkovic, Peter
Bratislava, Slovakia
Versijpt, Jan
Versijpt, Jan
Brussel, Belgium
Zebenholzer, Karin
Zebenholzer, Karin
Vienna, Austria
Zidverc-Trajković, Jasna
Zidverc-Trajković, Jasna
Belgrade, Serbia