Dementia and cognitive disorders

General information about sub-specialty

This sub-speciality concerns the diagnosis and management of cognitive disorders and dementia with a special emphasis on neurodegenerative diseases. Cognitive disorders may impair various cognitive domains, including memory, perception, language, social cognition, attention, and executive functions. At the stage of dementia, cognitive impairment interferes with the normal activities of daily living. The diagnosis of cognitive disorders relies on neurological examination, neuropsychological testing, structural (MRI) and functional (PET) brain imaging, amyloid and tau positron emission tomography (PET), and fluid biomarkers. Family history collection and genetic screening are essential for the diagnosis of hereditary forms of dementia. Dementia research is investigating new blood and cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers, new radiotracers for PET, effective tools to detect early cognitive decline, genetic and environmental risk factors, preventive strategies, and targeted molecular therapies.

About the EAN Scientific Panel Dementia and Cognitive Disorders

The dementia and cognitive disorders scientific panel (SP) is responsible for promoting scientific and educational activities of the European Academy of Neurology related to the topic of dementias. The SP is active in the development of guidelines that provide a unified European framework for the diagnosis and management of neurocognitive disorders and related issues. The members of the SP collaborate to produce scientific contributions on international peer-reviewed journals. Among the ongoing collaborative efforts of the SP there are a global consensus initiative for Alzheimer’s disease, a European study on the biomarker-based diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment (MCI), an ongoing review on dementia and COVID-19, and the preparation of guidelines on physical activities and exercise in dementia with the European Geriatric Medicine Society (EUGMS). The SP has contributed to the Neurology Updates available on the EAN website, and to the Scales and Scores collection. This year, the SP have organised two teaching courses, one symposium, and one focused workshop on the topic of dementia and neurocognitive disorders, contributed to a EAN Regional Teaching Course (Moscow, Russia) as well a joint symposium with the European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM) at the 2021 EANM Annual Congress. Junior Residents and Research Fellows Section (RRFS) members are actively involved in the scientific activities of the Panel. The SP management group organizes meetings approximately five times a year to update on ongoing projects and discuss new proposals.

Management Group

Frederiksen, Kristian Steen


Frederiksen, Kristian Steen
Copenhagen, Denmark
Tomic, Svetlana


Tomic, Svetlana
Osijek, Croatia
Aarsland, Dag

Management Group Member

Aarsland, Dag
London, United Kingdom
Değirmenci, Yıldız

Panel Member (Individual)

Değirmenci, Yıldız
Istanbul, Turkey
Georges, Jean

Alzheimer Europe representative

Georges, Jean
Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Saleh, Youssuf

RRFS Representative

Saleh, Youssuf
Oxford, United Kingdom
Stefanova, Elka

Management Group Member

Stefanova, Elka
Belgrade, Serbia

Individual panel members

Abdellatif, Doaa
Abdellatif, Doaa
Cairo, Egypt
Agosta, Federica
Agosta, Federica
Milan, Italy
Boban, Marina
Boban, Marina
Zagreb, Croatia
Calvo, Andrea
Calvo, Andrea
Torino, Italy
Cappa, Stefano F.
Cappa, Stefano F.
Pavia, Italy
Chabriat, Hugues
Chabriat, Hugues
Paris, France
Chakhava, George G.
Chakhava, George G.
Tbilisi, Georgia
Clarke, Stephanie
Clarke, Stephanie
Lausanne, Switzerland
Değirmenci, Yıldız
Değirmenci, Yıldız
Istanbul, Turkey
Dichgans, Martin
Dichgans, Martin
Munich, Germany
Filipovic, Sasa
Filipovic, Sasa
Belgrade, Serbia
Filippi, Massimo
Filippi, Massimo
Milano, Italy
Frisoni, Giovanni B.
Frisoni, Giovanni B.
Geneva, Switzerland
Hendrickx Van De Craen, Elisabeth
Hendrickx Van De Craen, Elisabeth
Antwerpen, Belgium
Hort, Jakub
Hort, Jakub
Praha 6, Czech Republic
Husain, Masud
Husain, Masud
Oxford, United Kingdom
Laczó, Jan
Laczó, Jan
Praha 5 - Motol, Czech Republic
Mendonça, Marcelo
Mendonça, Marcelo
Lisboa, Portugal
Mosa, Ahmed
Mosa, Ahmed
Mansoura, Egypt
Nedelska, Zuzana
Nedelska, Zuzana
Prague, Czech Republic
Öz, Didem
Öz, Didem
Izmir, Turkey
Papaliagkas, Vasileios
Papaliagkas, Vasileios
Thessaloniki, Greece
Pardini, Matteo
Pardini, Matteo
genova, Italy
Portela Moreira, Isabel
Portela Moreira, Isabel
Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal
Rauen, Katrin
Rauen, Katrin
Bonn, Germany
Rektorova, Irena
Rektorova, Irena
Brno, Czech Republic
Religa, Dorota
Religa, Dorota
Stockholm, Sweden
Rossor, Martin N.
Rossor, Martin N.
London, United Kingdom
Salmon, Eric
Salmon, Eric
Liège, Belgium
Scarmeas, Nikolaos
Scarmeas, Nikolaos
Athens, Greece
Shpilyukova, Yuliya
Shpilyukova, Yuliya
Moscow, Russian Federation
Struhal, Walter
Struhal, Walter
Tulln, Austria
Verdelho, Ana
Verdelho, Ana
Lisbon, Portugal
Versijpt, Jan
Versijpt, Jan
Brussel, Belgium
Vuletic, Vladimira
Vuletic, Vladimira
Rijeka, Croatia
Waldemar, Gunhild
Waldemar, Gunhild
Copenhagen, Denmark
Wojtecki, Lars
Wojtecki, Lars
Kempen, Germany

RRFS Member

Acampora, Roberto
Acampora, Roberto
Caserta, Italy
Accorroni, Alice
Accorroni, Alice
Geneva, Switzerland
Antonioni, Annibale
Antonioni, Annibale
Ferrara, Italy
Bonomi, Chiara Giuseppina
Bonomi, Chiara Giuseppina
Rome, Italy
Cabreira, Verónica
Cabreira, Verónica
EDINBURGH, United Kingdom
Cuffaro, Luca
Cuffaro, Luca
Milan, Italy
Dębiec, Aleksander
Dębiec, Aleksander
Warsaw, Poland
Di Donna, Martina Gaia
Di Donna, Martina Gaia
Rome, Italy
Dobri-Nicoara, Ana Maria
Dobri-Nicoara, Ana Maria
Bucuresti, Romania
Durães, João
Durães, João
Coimbra, Portugal
Erdil, Esra
Erdil, Esra
Istanbul, United Kingdom
Gonzalez Martinez, Alicia
Gonzalez Martinez, Alicia
Madrid, Spain
Ibrahim, Abubaker
Ibrahim, Abubaker
Innsbruck, Austria
Kurucu, Hatice
Kurucu, Hatice
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Laczó, Martina
Laczó, Martina
Praha 5 - Motol, Czech Republic
Malvaso, Antonio
Malvaso, Antonio
Milano, Italy
Maranzano, Alessio
Maranzano, Alessio
lanciano, Italy
Massa, Federico
Massa, Federico
Genoa, Italy
Moro, Meryem
Moro, Meryem
Marrakesh, Morocco
Oliveira, Tiago
Oliveira, Tiago
Lisboa, Portugal
Passaretti, Massimiliano
Passaretti, Massimiliano
Roma, Italy
Piga, Giuseppe
Piga, Giuseppe
Cagliari, Italy
Popovic, Zvonimir
Popovic, Zvonimir
Osijek, Croatia
Pozzato, Mattia
Pozzato, Mattia
Milano, Italy
Pozzi, Federico Emanuele
Pozzi, Federico Emanuele
Monza, Italy
Russo, Mirella
Russo, Mirella
Pescara, Italy
Ruzhdii, Nadia
Ruzhdii, Nadia
Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
Saghir, Khadija
Saghir, Khadija
AGADIR, Morocco
Scarioni, Marta
Scarioni, Marta
Gent, Belgium
Spinelli, Edoardo Gioele
Spinelli, Edoardo Gioele
Milan, Italy
Tábuas Pereira, Miguel
Tábuas Pereira, Miguel
Coimbra, Portugal
Terryn, Joke
Terryn, Joke
Herent, Belgium
Toniolo, Sofia
Toniolo, Sofia
London, United Kingdom
Voskou, Panagiota
Voskou, Panagiota
Chalkida, Greece

Student Member

Cowle, Melody

Student Member

Cowle, Melody
Hampton, United Kingdom
Gosch Berton, Giovanni

Student Member

Gosch Berton, Giovanni
Passo Fundo, Brazil
Jelmoni, Alice

Student Member

Jelmoni, Alice
Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Leite Guedes, Idrys Henrique

Student Member

Leite Guedes, Idrys Henrique
Campina Grande, Brazil
Popadynets, Viktoriia

Student Member

Popadynets, Viktoriia
Kraków, Poland
Thakur, Rishmita

Student Member

Thakur, Rishmita
Mumbai, India

Partner Society Representatives

Georges, Jean

Alzheimer Europe representative

Georges, Jean
Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Chen, Christopher

AOAN Representative

Chen, Christopher

Institutional panel members

Araújo, Rui
Araújo, Rui
Porto, Portugal
Audronyte, Egle
Audronyte, Egle
Vilnius, Lithuania
Avasilichioaei, Mioara
Avasilichioaei, Mioara
Bucharest, Romania
Bachinskaya, Natalia
Bachinskaya, Natalia
Kyiv, Ukraine
Bachynska, Nataliya Y.
Bachynska, Nataliya Y.
Kiew, Ukraine
Balanuta, Tatiana
Balanuta, Tatiana
Chisinau, Moldova
Bouwman, Femke H.
Bouwman, Femke H.
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Cerman, Jiří
Cerman, Jiří
Prague, Czech Republic
Christou, Yiolanda
Christou, Yiolanda
Nicosia, Cyprus
Cinar, Nilgun
Cinar, Nilgun
?stanbul, Turkey
Ciolac, Dumitru
Ciolac, Dumitru
Chisinau, Moldova
De Mendonça, Alexandre Valério
De Mendonça, Alexandre Valério
Lisbon, Portugal
De Mendonca, Alexandre
De Mendonca, Alexandre
Di Lorenzo, Francesco
Di Lorenzo, Francesco
Rome, Italy
Dubois, Bruno
Dubois, Bruno
Paris, France
Engelborghs, Sebastiaan
Engelborghs, Sebastiaan
Brussel, Belgium
Felbecker, Ansgar
Felbecker, Ansgar
St. Gallen, Switzerland
Flöel, Agnes
Flöel, Agnes
Franke, Christiana
Franke, Christiana
Berlin, Germany
Gmitterova, Karin
Gmitterova, Karin
Gramkow, Mathias
Gramkow, Mathias
Copenhagen, Denmark
Gregoric Kramberger, Milica
Gregoric Kramberger, Milica
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Grontvedt, Goril Rolfseng
Grontvedt, Goril Rolfseng
Trondheim, Norway
Guekht, Alla
Guekht, Alla
Moscow, Russian Federation
Hasselbalch, Steen Gregers
Hasselbalch, Steen Gregers
Copenhagen, Denmark
Hutchinson, Siobhan
Hutchinson, Siobhan
Dublin, Ireland
Ioannidis, Panagiotis
Ioannidis, Panagiotis
Thessaloniki, Greece
Kálmán, János
Kálmán, János
Szeged, Hungary
Kaubrys, Gintaras
Kaubrys, Gintaras
Vilnius, Lithuania
Kolber, Pierre
Kolber, Pierre
Leudelange, Luxembourg
Konstantinidis, Vasilios
Konstantinidis, Vasilios
Athens, Greece
Kostiks, Andrejs
Kostiks, Andrejs
Riga, Latvia
Kovács, Tibor
Kovács, Tibor
Budapest, Hungary
Kresojevic, Nikola
Kresojevic, Nikola
Belgrade, Serbia
Krikmann, Ülle
Krikmann, Ülle
Tartu, Estonia
Levická, Petra
Levická, Petra
Košice, Slovakia
Manvelyan, Hovhannes
Manvelyan, Hovhannes
Yerevan, Armenia
Marra, Camillo
Marra, Camillo
ROMA, Italy
Mcgrath, Emer
Mcgrath, Emer
Ballinrobe, Ireland
Neumann, Eileen
Neumann, Eileen
Zurich, Switzerland
Nous, Amber
Nous, Amber
Brussels, Belgium
Ozbabalik Adapinar, Belgin Demet
Ozbabalik Adapinar, Belgin Demet
Pariente, Jérémie
Pariente, Jérémie
Pietruczuk, Aleksandra
Pietruczuk, Aleksandra
Lublin, Poland
Popescu, Bogdan O.
Popescu, Bogdan O.
Bucharest, Romania
Pouyiouros, Costas
Pouyiouros, Costas
Priede, Zanda
Priede, Zanda
Riga, Latvia
Rejdak, Konrad
Rejdak, Konrad
Lublin, Poland
Remes, Anne
Remes, Anne
Oulu, Finland
Sánchez-Valle, Raquel
Sánchez-Valle, Raquel
Barcelona, Spain
Sando, Sigrid Botne
Sando, Sigrid Botne
Scheltens, Philip
Scheltens, Philip
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Schmidt, Reinhold
Schmidt, Reinhold
Graz, Austria
Schott, Jonathan
Schott, Jonathan
London, United Kingdom
Sheardova, Katerina
Sheardova, Katerina
Brno, Czech Republic
Sidarovich, Emiliya
Sidarovich, Emiliya
Minsk, Belarus
Stefanova, Elka
Stefanova, Elka
Belgrade, Serbia
Stögmann, Elisabeth
Stögmann, Elisabeth
Vienna, Austria
Tanne, David
Tanne, David
Haifa, Israel
Traykov, Latchesar
Traykov, Latchesar
Sofia, Bulgaria