Coma and chronic disorders of consciousness

General information about sub-specialty

This subspecialty concerns the diagnosis and management of patients in coma or who have another disorder of consciousness, including minimal conscious states and the unresponsive wakefulness syndrome (formerly known as vegetative state). There are many reasons for people entering a state of disordered consciousness, notably traumatic and non-traumatic brain injuries and acute and chronic conditions. Of note, within the past 10-20 years it has become clear that many people who seem clinically unresponsive actually are awake and aware when investigated using advanced neuroimaging and EEG paradigms, a condition termed cognitive motor dissociation.

Key clinical and research areas within this research field include clinical examinations using validated rating scales such as the Coma Recovery Scale revised, functional neuroimaging including functional MRI and PET, as well as electroencephalography (EEG). Investigation of disrupted brain networks underlying impaired consciousness is key to gain a better understanding of why consciousness is lost and what it takes to recover it. At least as important to patient care is a variety of related topics including quality of life, rehabilitation and caregiver management.

About the EAN Scientific Panel Coma and Disorder of Consciousness

The Coma and Disorder of Consciousness SP actively promotes and supports brain injury-related issues as well as educational and scientific activities within the framework of EAN.

The panel substantially contributes to the Scientific Programme at EAN congresses and other EAN educational activities and develops clinical guidelines, notably a recent guideline of the diagnosis of coma and other disorders of consciousness.

Group members, including the RRFS members, are strongly encouraged to engage in the activities promoted by the panel and to contribute to the sharing of advances in the field of coma and disorders of consciousness via the Breaking News and Neurology Update sections of the EAN website, and to engage in the activities promoted by the panel.

The panel meets during the EAN congress and has several ongoing working groups.

European Academy of Neurology guideline on the diagnosis of coma and other disorders of consciousness

Kondziella D, Bender A, Diserens K, van Erp W, Estraneo A, Formisano R, Laureys S, Naccache L, Ozturk S, Rohaut B, Sitt JD, Stender J, Tiainen M, Rossetti AO, Gosseries O, Chatelle C; EAN Panel on Coma, Disorders of Consciousness. European Journal of Neurology. 2020. 27:741-756.

Management Group

Estraneo, Anna


Estraneo, Anna
Kondziella, Daniel


Kondziella, Daniel
Copenhagen, Denmark
Lejeune, Nicolas

Management Group Member

Lejeune, Nicolas
Liège, Belgium
Sanz, Leandro R. D.

RRFS Representative

Sanz, Leandro R. D.
Liège, Belgium
Stender, Johan

Management Group Member

Stender, Johan
København V, Denmark

Individual panel members

Bender, Andreas
Bender, Andreas
Burgau, Germany
Boon, Paul A.j.m.
Boon, Paul A.j.m.
Gent, Belgium
Comanducci, Angela
Comanducci, Angela
Milano, Italy
Formisano, Rita
Formisano, Rita
Rome, Italy
Gaspard, Nicolas
Gaspard, Nicolas
Brussels, Belgium
Gosseries, Olivia
Gosseries, Olivia
Liege, Belgium
Hakiki, Bahia
Hakiki, Bahia
Kondratyeva, Ekaterina
Kondratyeva, Ekaterina
Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
Lo Re, Vincenzina
Lo Re, Vincenzina
Palermo, Italy
Magliacano, Alfonso
Magliacano, Alfonso
Napoli, Italy
Mosa, Ahmed
Mosa, Ahmed
Mansoura, Egypt
Pfausler, Bettina
Pfausler, Bettina
Innsbruck, Austria
Rossetti, Andrea
Rossetti, Andrea
Lausanne, Switzerland
Schmutzhard, Erich
Schmutzhard, Erich
Innsbruck, Austria
Struhal, Walter
Struhal, Walter
Tulln, Austria

RRFS Member

Chertic, Gabriela-Diana
Chertic, Gabriela-Diana
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Filip, Rafaela Ruxandra
Filip, Rafaela Ruxandra
Brasov, Romania
Fontanelli, Lorenzo
Fontanelli, Lorenzo
Capannoli, Italy
Moro, Meryem
Moro, Meryem
Marrakesh, Morocco
Szymkowicz, Emilie
Szymkowicz, Emilie
Liege, Belgium
Villa, Davide
Villa, Davide
Milan, Italy
Vitello, Marie
Vitello, Marie
Liege, Belgium

Student Member

Abdul-Rahman, Toufik
Abdul-Rahman, Toufik
Sumy, Ukraine
Elijah Oluwasegun Ayoigbala, Adetunji
Elijah Oluwasegun Ayoigbala, Adetunji
Kharkov, Ukraine
Fryncel, Aleksandra
Fryncel, Aleksandra
Sieradz, Poland
Heesen, Philip
Heesen, Philip
Kilchberg (ZH), Switzerland
Jelmoni, Alice
Jelmoni, Alice
Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Kayode, Ayomide
Kayode, Ayomide
Ogbomoso, Nigeria
Leite Guedes, Idrys Henrique
Leite Guedes, Idrys Henrique
Campina Grande, Brazil
Murasan, Iulia-Maria
Murasan, Iulia-Maria
Brasov, Romania
Thakur, Rishmita
Thakur, Rishmita
Mumbai, India

Partner Society Representatives

Forsyth, Rob

EPNS representative

Forsyth, Rob
Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Institutional panel members

Alenikova, Olga A.
Alenikova, Olga A.
Minsk, Belarus
Angın Mengi, Tuğçe
Angın Mengi, Tuğçe
İzmir, Turkey
Beer, Ronny
Beer, Ronny
Innsbruck, Austria
Bender, Andreas
Bender, Andreas
Burgau, Germany
Blazevic, Nikola
Blazevic, Nikola
Zagreb, Croatia
Bråthen, Geir
Bråthen, Geir
Trondheim, Norway
Chondrogianni, Maria
Chondrogianni, Maria
Athens, Greece
Dabala, Victor
Dabala, Victor
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Di Santo, Alessandro
Di Santo, Alessandro
Naples, Italy
Diserens, Karin
Diserens, Karin
Lausanne, Switzerland
Ene, Amalia
Ene, Amalia
Bucharest, Romania
Falcão, Filipa
Falcão, Filipa
Lisboa, Portugal
Fulesdi, Béla
Fulesdi, Béla
Gavriliuc, Mihail
Gavriliuc, Mihail
Chisinau, Moldova
Gelziniene, Giedre
Gelziniene, Giedre
Kaunas, Lithuania
Giannopoulos, Sotirios
Giannopoulos, Sotirios
Athens, Greece
Holečková, Irena
Holečková, Irena
Plzen, Czech Republic
Kunz, Alexander
Kunz, Alexander
Berlin, Germany
Leonardi, Matilde
Leonardi, Matilde
Milan, Italy
Lindelof, Mette
Lindelof, Mette
Roskilde, Denmark
Machado, Rita
Machado, Rita
Coimbra, Portugal
Mcelligott, Jacinta
Mcelligott, Jacinta
Co. Dublin, Ireland
Milanova, Milena
Milanova, Milena
Sofia, Bulgaria
Naccache, Lionel
Naccache, Lionel
Paris, France
Noe Sebastian, Enrique
Noe Sebastian, Enrique
Valencia, Spain
Odainic, Olesea
Odainic, Olesea
Chisinau, Moldova
Ozturk, Serefnur
Ozturk, Serefnur
Konya, Turkey
Pincherle, Alessandro
Pincherle, Alessandro
Polunosika, Elina
Polunosika, Elina
Riga, Latvia
Pucite, Elina
Pucite, Elina
Rīga, Latvia
Stefanović Budimkić, Maja
Stefanović Budimkić, Maja
Belgrade, Serbia
Stender, Johan
Stender, Johan
København V, Denmark
Strbian, Daniel
Strbian, Daniel
Espoo, Finland
Volosovets, Anton
Volosovets, Anton
Kyiv, Ukraine
Voznyuk, Igor
Voznyuk, Igor
Sankt-Petersburg, Russian Federation
Zivkovic, Miroslava
Zivkovic, Miroslava
Nis, Serbia