Autonomic nervous system disorders

General information about sub-specialty

Autonomic nervous system (ANS) disorders are common and may cause severe disease burden in daily life of affected people. The ANS controls all inner organs and the skin. Malfunction of this important part of the nervous system might often cause transient loss of consciousness, heart rate and blood pressure instability, sweating disorders, gastrointestinal symptoms, sexual dysfunction, and many others. It is of utmost importance to diagnose autonomic disorders to be able to offer specific treatment recommendations.

About the EAN Scientific Panel Autonomic Nervous System Disorders

An important objective of the Scientific Panel on Autonomic nervous system disorders is to interconnect European researchers in the autonomic field and advocate for autonomic issues within the EAN. A panel meeting is held at every EAN congress, coordinating international research initiatives and panel actions within the next year. The Scientific Panel on ANS disorders closely cooperates with the European Federation of Autonomic Societies (EFAS), the International Neuro-Urology Society (INUS), the Asian and Oceanian Association of Neurology (AOAN) and the Autonomic Disorders Specialty Group of the World Federation of Neurology.

The panel promotes quality of care for autonomic disorders in European countries by providing management and treatment guidelines. In recent years, we published guidelines on supine hypertension, orthostatic intolerance and transient loss of consciousness. We are currently working on guidelines for the practicing neurologist on the management of neurogenic urogenital dysfunction and contributing to the understanding of autonomic complications of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are also engaging with the EAN eLearning committee in developing educational content around ANS functions and disorders for neurologists. With these means, we hope to promote the field of ANS disorders

Management Group

Fanciulli, Alessandra


Fanciulli, Alessandra (MD PhD)
Innsbruck, Austria
Habek, Mario


Habek, Mario (Prof.)
Zagreb, Croatia
Carneiro, Diogo

RRFS Representative

Carneiro, Diogo (MD)
Coimbra, Portugal

Management Group Member

Hilz, Max (Prof. Dr. med. Dr.h.c., FEAN)
Erlangen, Germany
Panicker, Jalesh

Management Group Member

Panicker, Jalesh (FRCP)
London, United Kingdom
Struhal, Walter

Management Group Member

Struhal, Walter (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Tulln, Austria

Individual panel members

Calandra-Buonaura, Giovanna
Calandra-Buonaura, Giovanna (Neurologist)
Bologna, Italy
Cortelli, Pietro
Cortelli, Pietro (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Bologna, Italy
Donadio, Vincenzo
Donadio, Vincenzo (Dr)
Bologna, Italy
Guaraldi, Pietro
Guaraldi, Pietro (MD PhD)
Bologna, Italy
Hödl, Stephanie
Hödl, Stephanie
Gent, Belgium
Stankovic Tutus, Iva
Stankovic Tutus, Iva (Dr.)
Belgrade, Serbia
Thijs, Roland D.
Thijs, Roland D. (MD, Prof)
Heemstede, The Netherlands
Vodušek, David B.
Vodušek, David B. (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Wenning, Gregor K.
Wenning, Gregor K. (MD, Prof)
Innsbruck, Austria
Ziemssen, Tjalf
Ziemssen, Tjalf (MD, Prof)
Dresden, Germany

RRFS Member

Bhattacharjee, Shakya
Bhattacharjee, Shakya (Dr)
Plymouth, United Kingdom
Ciopleias, Bogdan
Ciopleias, Bogdan (MD)
Braşov, Romania
Tudor, Katarina
Tudor, Katarina (MD)
Zagreb, Croatia
Vigneri, Simone
Vigneri, Simone (MD, PhD)
Occhiobello, Italy

Partner Society Representatives

Sakakibara, Ryuji

AOAN Representative

Sakakibara, Ryuji (MD, PhD)
Sakura, United Kingdom
Struhal, Walter

Management Group Member

Struhal, Walter (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Tulln, Austria
Panicker, Jalesh

Management Group Member

Panicker, Jalesh (FRCP)
London, United Kingdom

Institutional panel members

Adamec, Ivan
Adamec, Ivan (MD, PhD)
Zagreb, Croatia
Bastholm Bille, Margrethe
Bastholm Bille, Margrethe
Copenhagen, Denmark
Dincic, Evica
Dincic, Evica (MDPhD)
Belgrade, Serbia
Giannopoulos, Sotirios
Giannopoulos, Sotirios (Prof.)
Athens, Greece
Hagen, Ellen Merete
Hagen, Ellen Merete (MD, PhD)
London, United Kingdom
Haubrich, Christina
Haubrich, Christina (MD, Prof)
Cambridge, United Kingdom
Humm, Andrea (MD)
Fribourg, Switzerland
Juhl Terkelsen, Astrid
Juhl Terkelsen, Astrid
Højbjerg, Denmark, Denmark
Kaimak, Tatyana
Kaimak, Tatyana
Semey Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan
Kirbiš, Mojca
Kirbiš, Mojca (MD, PhD, FEBN)
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Koay, Junie Shiwen
Koay, Junie Shiwen (MD)
London, United Kingdom
Kovacs, Norbert
Kovacs, Norbert (MD, PhD)
Pécs, Hungary
Lebedeva, Anna
Lebedeva, Anna
Moscow, Russian Federation
Lopez Bravo, Alba
Maryenko, Iryna
Maryenko, Iryna (MD)
Minsk, Belarus
Mednieks, Janis
Mednieks, Janis (Mr)
Riga, Latvia
Mičule, Madara
Mičule, Madara
Riga, Latvia
Moldovan, Florina Violeta
Moldovan, Florina Violeta (MD)
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Moldovanu, Ion
Moldovanu, Ion (MD, Prof)
Chisinau, Moldova
Nahimi, Adjmal
Nahimi, Adjmal (MD, PhD)
Aarhus C, Denmark
Nedelka, Tomas
Nedelka, Tomas (MD)
Öge, Emre
Öge, Emre (MD, Prof)
Istanbul - Capa, Turkey
Osipov, Dan
Osipov, Dan
Chisinau, Moldova
Pavy-Le Traon, Anne
Pavy-Le Traon, Anne (MD,PhD)
Toulouse, France
Pelliccioni, Giuseppe (MD)
Petrikonis, Kestutis
Petrikonis, Kestutis (MD, PhD)
Kaunas, Lithuania
Rocchi, Camilla
Rocchi, Camilla (MD)
ROMA, Italy
Rohmann, Edmund
Rohmann, Edmund (MD)
Esch sur Alzette, Luxembourg
Santos, Mariana (MD)
Lisboa, Portugal
van Dijk, J. Gert
van Dijk, J. Gert (MD, Prof)
Leiden, The Netherlands
Vehoff, Jochen
Vehoff, Jochen (Dr. med.)
St. Gallen, Switzerland
Vlahovic, Dmitar
Vlahovic, Dmitar (MD)
Novi Sad, Serbia
Yordanova, Julia
Yordanova, Julia (MD, Prof)
SOFIA, Bulgaria