Teaching Course Sub-Committee

The Teaching Course Sub-Committee (TCsC) reports to the EAN Education Committee, and is responsible for the content and delivery of teaching courses and educational programmes at the annual congress and outside the congress. 

  1. It develops and maintains rules and procedures for the educational programme at the annual EAN congress. This includes defining levels and type of activity, collecting and reviewing suggestions from scientific panels, and working closely with the Programme Committee and the local Organising Committee.
  2. It collaborates with Neurological departments, National Neurological Societies and sub-speciality societies, to develop educational programmes such as Regional Teaching Courses, EAN-Days and the African Task Force programmes.
  3. It prepares and develops educational activities outside the congress dedicated to neurologists in training who are members of the Resident and Research Fellows Section (RRFS) such as the EAN Spring School and the EAN Autumn School.

The TCsC is comprised of six regular members and additionally one representative from the Ethics and Quality Task Force and the Resident and Research Fellow Section. Based on mutual agreements and contracts, it also includes topic-specific members from sub-specialty partner societies.

About the EAN Educational Congress Programme by Claudia Sommer
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Rektorova, Irena


Rektorova, Irena (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Brno, Czech Republic


Oreja-Guevara, Celia


Oreja-Guevara, Celia (Prof.)
Madrid, Spain
Pareyson, Davide


Pareyson, Davide (MD)
Milan, Italy
Schmutzhard, Erich


Schmutzhard, Erich (MD, Prof)
Innsbruck, Austria
Stefani, Ambra


Stefani, Ambra (MD)
Innsbruck, Austria
Wiest, Roland


Wiest, Roland (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Bern, Switzerland
García Azorín, David

RRFS Representative

García Azorín, David (MD)
Valladolid, Spain
Stamelou, Maria

EQTF Representative

Stamelou, Maria (Prof. Dr., FEAN)
Athens, Greece
Skorvanek, Matej

MDS-ES Representative

Skorvanek, Matej (MD, PhD)
Kosice, Slovakia