Ethics and Quality Task Force

The EAN Ethics and Quality Task Force (EQTF) is an independent working group and reports directly to the EAN Board. It advises all other EAN Committees and working groups. It is responsible for defining and assessing compliance with quality standards for all activities, carried out by EAN, to ensure that high quality programmes are delivered. This includes the following:

  • oversees feedback processes for all EAN educational and scientific activities, and analyses results including questionnaires collected at educational courses and scientific sessions for future improvement
  • advises the EAN Board in any occurring ethical matters
  • analyses the annual EAN congress: general evaluations, scientific sessions evaluations, educational sessions evaluations
  • assesses quality of EAN Research and Clinical Fellowships
  • reviews evaluation outcomes of EAN Spring and Autumn School, as well as of Regional Teaching Courses and EAN-Days
  • evaluates quality of eBrain and CME questionnaires and other e-learning tools to be created 

The EQTF is reviewing activities from other organisers and is providing EAN endorsement:

  • EQTF reviews and makes recommendations on applications from other societies/associations for the EAN endorsement of educational events
  • In the future, it is planned to review also requests on endorsement of e-learning tools from other providers
About EAN quality assurance by Jan Kuks - long version
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Deuschl, Günther
Deuschl, Günther (MD, Prof)
Kiel, Germany
Stamelou, Maria


Stamelou, Maria (Prof. Dr., FEAN)
Athens, Greece


Struhal, Walter


Struhal, Walter (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Tulln, Austria
Zis, Panagiotis


Zis, Panagiotis (MD, PhD)
Aglantzia, Nicosia, Cyprus
Moonen, Gustave C.

Ethics Advisor

Moonen, Gustave C. (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Charneux-Herve, Belgium
Di Lorenzo, Francesco

RRFS Representative

Di Lorenzo, Francesco (MD)
Rome, Italy
Silva, Daniela

RRFS Representative

Silva, Daniela
Lisbon, Portugal