Task Force on General Neurology

EAN Task Force on General Neurology

As an initiative of Professor Claudio Bassetti, current EAN President and Chair of the Task Force, the EAN General Neurology Task Force was established in autumn 2021. Time and experience have shown that a specialised task force on the topic of general neurology has its right to existence because there is an insufficient number of general neurologists and there are clear differences on definitions and practices among countries. General neurology should be at the focal point when dealing with complex cases so as to provide the most precise clinical diagnosis. Of course, the role of general neurologists is to better the lives of patients – therefore the European Federation of Neurological Associations (EFNA) has nominated a representative. Young general neurologists are naturally represented by a delegate from the Resident and Research Fellow Section (RRFS).


The initiatives so far:

  • Defining general neurology
  • Surveys on general neurology, incl. RRFS survey
  • Training and curricula
  • Research and academia
  • Future of general neurology


Bassetti, Claudio


Bassetti, Claudio
Bern, Switzerland


Berlit, Peter


Berlit, Peter
Berlin, Germany
Kruja, Jera


Kruja, Jera
Tirana, Albania
Lewis, Steven


Lewis, Steven
Allentown, United States
Mccombe, Pamela


Mccombe, Pamela
Brisbane, Australia
Ozturk, Serefnur


Ozturk, Serefnur
Konya, Turkey
Smith, Phil


Smith, Phil
Cardiff, United Kingdom
Vuletic, Vladimira


Vuletic, Vladimira
Rijeka, Croatia
Berger, Thomas

Chair Scientific Committee

Berger, Thomas
Vienna, Austria
Arnesen, Astri

EFNA/ Patient Representative

Arnesen, Astri
Kristiansand, Norway
Accorroni, Alice

RRFS Representative

Accorroni, Alice
Geneva, Switzerland
Markowski, Michael

AAN representative

Markowski, Michael
Hyannis, United States