The go-to place for neurology

EAN provides a go-to resource for everyone working in the fields of neurology and neuroscience. We bring together national societies, institutions, clinicians and researchers and offer a forum for researchlearningnetworking and best practice for our patients.

European Excellence

The European Academy of Neurology was founded in June 2014. It was created by the former EFNS (European Federation of Neurological Societies) and ENS (European Neurological Society).

We are


We have our roots in Europe. This is where neurology first began. We aim to keep Europe as one of the scientific hotspots of the world and to raise standards of care throughout our continent.


We are a home of learning and scientific exchange. We provide members with the opportunity to increase their understanding of neurological conditions and their treatment.


We embrace every field and sub-specialty, from Alzheimer’s disease to Zellweger’s Syndrome.

A one-stop resource

Increase and share neurological excellence

Our mission is to increase and share neurological excellence in Europe and worldwide. We wish to promote quality and work with the best clinicians, educators, and scientists.

Bring members together at the annual congress

We organise an annual congress to bring members together to share the most exciting latest developments and provide a platform for learning.

Conferences, publications etc.

We also run other conferences and courses, publish the European Journal of Neurology, produce a newsletter, promote e-learning, give grants and provide guidelines.

Provide resources on our website

Our website is a portal to a database of useful resources, including guidelines, research papers and educational content. As well as providing a one-stop resource, we mediate the volume of neurological information by bringing our members the most important discoveries and insights.

Promote neurology and raise awareness

Finally, we seek to promote neurology to the wider world. We are single-minded in our aim to raise awareness of neurological conditions for and together with our patients and increase funding for neurological research.


Constant congress

We believe that advancing the cause of neurology is best done through collaboration.

This takes place at national level, between the 47 European national neurological societies who are members of EAN, and internationally with other scientific societies and specialties.

Even more important, however, is peer-to-peer collaboration. We maximise opportunities for EAN members to meet, both on-line and off-line. On our website, members can collaborate, share, review and discuss. We call this process of peer-to-peer engagement ‘constant congress’.

The home of neurology

Our ambition is to be ‘the home of neurology’ for Europe. This vision is reflected in the structure and content of our website, and all that we do. We will strive to live up to the needs and expectations of our members and to promote, develop and implement neurology across Europe. On the website we have provided new resources for learning, for guidelines, and for rare diseases as well as continuing to work with the European Journal of Neurology. In the months to come, we will invest in promoting excellence in new areas, including new facilities to promote interaction such as support for web-meetings and discussion fora.