EAN Webinars

The European Academy of Neurology has launched an independent programme of EAN-produced Webinars for the year 2021. The Webinars are held by European experts in neurology for registered EAN members. Please look for announcements here or follow us on our Social Media accounts to keep up-to-date.

Disorder Of Consciousness - New Tools For Mechanistic Understanding

January 25, 2022 18:00-19:30 (CET)

Prof. Simona Balestrini

Prof. Simone Sarasso and Prof. Marcello

Learning Objectives:

  1.  Learn what are the main neurophysiological tools to understand pathophysiology of coma
  2.  Improve competencies on EEG interpretation and role of anesthetic drugs in disorders of consciousness
  3.  Learn the most recent approaches for coma classification and outcome prediction

Terms and Conditions:

The Webinars are held by European experts in neurology for registered EAN individual members. As EAN active membership is a prerequisite, the EAN application process has to be finalized or the membership for the current year has to be renewed until a week before the Webinar. The deadline for registration for the EAN Webinar is one week prior to the Webinar. The webinars will be held via a live video tool, questions can be asked by writing them in the comments sections during the lecture and some of them will be answered by the speaker. After the Webinar, participants will be asked to give feedback to further improve future Webinars.

Do you have any questions? Contact eLearning(at)ean.org
Future Webinars will be announced here and on our Social Media.