Sleep-wake disorders

Sleep disorders are of significant importance for the neurologists. Neurologists should be aware and should play a major role for the evaluation and treatment of patients with sleep disorders. Examples include insomnias, sleep related breathing disorders, central hypersomnias like narcolepsy with cataplexy, circadian rhythm disorders, sleep related movement disorders (e.g. restless legs syndrome and periodic limb movements) and parasomnias (e.g. REM behaviour disorder, arousal and seizure disorders). Patients with neurological disorders often suffer from sleep disorders, e.g. sleep related breathing disorders in stroke and neuromuscular diseases, REM Behaviour Disorder in Parkinsonism. There is significant progress in the understanding of sleep-wake mechanism, the influence of sleep on health and disease, diagnostic and treatment modalities.

The aim of the EAN Scientific Panel on Sleep-wake disorders is to increase awareness of sleep disorders in relation to neurology. This is accomplished by:

  1. Coordinating sleep medicine research, diagnostic and treatment guidelines.
  2. Arrange courses, focused workshops and symposia dedicated to sleep medicine.
  3. Stimulating research activities.

Moreover tight collaboration is being established with the European Sleep Research Society.

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Management Group

Kallweit, Ulf


Kallweit, Ulf (MD, Ass. Prof.)
Witten, Germany
Seidel, Stefan


Seidel, Stefan (MD)
Vienna, Austria
Fronczek, Rolf
Fronczek, Rolf (MD, PhD)
Leiden, The Netherlands
Knudsen-Heier, Stine
Knudsen-Heier, Stine (Ms.)
Oslo, Norway
Pajediene, Evelina
Pajediene, Evelina (MD)
Kaunas, Lithuania
Schreier, David
Schreier, David (MD)
Bern, Switzerland
Stefani, Ambra
Stefani, Ambra (MD)
Innsbruck, Austria

Individual panel members

Bassetti, Claudio
Bassetti, Claudio (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Bern, Switzerland
Baumann, Christian
Baumann, Christian (MD)
Zürich, Switzerland
Beniczky, Sándor
Beniczky, Sándor (Professor)
Dianalund, Denmark
Boon, Paul A.J.M.
Boon, Paul A.J.M. (MD,PhD,Prof, FEAN)
Gent, Belgium
Gschwandtner, Ute
Gschwandtner, Ute (MD, Prof)
Basel, Switzerland
Heidbreder, Anna
Heidbreder, Anna (Dr.)
Innsbruck, Austria
Krüger, Michel
Krüger, Michel (MD)
Esch sur Alzette, Luxembourg
Maquet, Pierre
Maquet, Pierre (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Liege, Belgium
Mathis, Johannes
Mathis, Johannes (MD, Prof)
Bern, Switzerland
Mayer, Geert
Mayer, Geert (MD, Prof)
Rüegg, Stephan
Rüegg, Stephan (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Basel, Switzerland
Ryvlin, Philippe
Ryvlin, Philippe (MD, PhD, Prof, FEAN)
Lausanne, Switzerland

RRFS Member

Rauen, Katrin
Rauen, Katrin (MD, FEBN)
Zurich, Switzerland
Talavera De la Esperanza, Blanca
Talavera De la Esperanza, Blanca
Valladolid, Spain

Partner Society Representatives

Zuberi, Sameer

EPNS representative

Zuberi, Sameer (MD, Professor)
Glasgow, United Kingdom

Institutional panel members

Ašmane, Santa
Ašmane, Santa (MD)
Riga raj., Latvia
Antelmi, Elena
Antelmi, Elena (MD)
Verona, Italy
Bargiotas, Panagiotis
Bargiotas, Panagiotis (Dr. med.)
NIcosia, Cyprus
Barun, Barbara
Barun, Barbara (Dr.)
Zagreb, Croatia
Benbir Şenel, Gülçin
Benbir Şenel, Gülçin (MD)
Istanbul, Turkey
Boskovic, Zeljko
Boskovic, Zeljko
Belgrade, Serbia
Dolenc Groselj, Leja
Dolenc Groselj, Leja (MD)
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Eriksson, Sofia
Eriksson, Sofia (MD)
London, United Kingdom
Faludi, Béla
Faludi, Béla (MD, PhD, Assoc.Prof.)
Fantini, Maria Livia
Fantini, Maria Livia (Dr.)
Feketeova, Eva
Feketeova, Eva (MD, PhD)
Kosice, Slovakia
Givaty, Gili
Givaty, Gili (MD)
Shekef, Israel
Irina, Cebanova
Irina, Cebanova (MD)
Chisinau, Moldova
Jankovic, Slavko
Jankovic, Slavko (M.D., Ph.D.)
Belgrade, Serbia
Jennum, Poul Jorgen
Jennum, Poul Jorgen (MD, Prof)
Glostrup - Copenhagen, Denmark
Kolev, Pencho
Kolev, Pencho (MD, Prof)
Sofia, Bulgaria
Liepina, Lelde
Liepina, Lelde (MD)
Rīga, Latvia
Lupusor, Adrian
Lupusor, Adrian (MD)
Chisinau, Moldova
Mindruta, Ioana
Mindruta, Ioana
Bucharest, Romania
Nepozitek, Jiri
Nepozitek, Jiri (MD)
Prague, Czech Republic
Papacostas, Savvas
Papacostas, Savvas (MD, Professor)
Nicosia, Cyprus
Pijpers, Angelique
Pijpers, Angelique (MD,PhD)
Heeze, The Netherlands
Plazzi, Giuseppe
Plazzi, Giuseppe (MD, AssProf)
Bologna, Italy
Põld, Katrin
Põld, Katrin
Sakalauskaite, Egle
Sakalauskaite, Egle (MD)
Vilnius, Lithuania
Schmidt, Markus
Schmidt, Markus (Oberarzt)
Bern, Switzerland
Sonka, Karel
Sonka, Karel (MD, Prof)
Praha 2, Czech Republic
Szakács, Zoltán
Szakács, Zoltán (MD)
Terzoudi, Katerina
Terzoudi, Katerina (MD)
Torstensen, Eva Wiberg
Torstensen, Eva Wiberg (MD)
Glostrup, Denmark
Young, Peter
Young, Peter (Prof. Dr.)
Bad Feilnbach, Germany